Von Noat admits that he is no longer single. The warp parade opens to talk to the ladies of the popular channels: PPTVHD36

The pink-hearted young hero “Pon-Nawat Phuphanthasri” admits that there are people talking to fans, opening the cover of “Cookie-Yada Suwannapatna”, the heroine of Channel One. After there were pictures of them going everywhere together.

One out. The hero with the sweet smile and handsome face of Vic 3 Rama 4 “Phon-nuat vovanthatsi” He had previously hinted that someone had already spoken but he refused to say who it was. But it did not escape the eyes of netizens. The show warps open to find out who that girl is. “Koki yada swannapatna” The heroine of Channel One because there are often photos of them going everywhere together.

When he met the young man, Bon, he quickly grabbed him and gave him an update on his love story. He answered without hesitation:

We said that someone has already spoken. Many people are shocked that we won't be single anymore?

“Are you shocked? (Laughs) A little bit. There's someone talking, so guess who it is, but maybe the media already knows that. But go and find out for yourself. The lifestyles are the same, there's some running and cycling. About opening the warp as much as I can I see, a lot of warps have already been opened, there's no need to say anything.

Is the person who opened it correct?

“(Smiles) Oh (Laughs) Asked about fans' comments. I haven't met the fan club yet. There aren't many events yet. During this time we've filmed a lot of dramas. The drama hasn't started yet.”

Did you talk to the other party? Has the warp been opened?

“I talked to him, but nothing was normal. As for the fans, I think they're probably happy to have someone to talk to because they've been single for 5-6 years (laughs). The couple's photos were taken slowly, not in a hurry (laughs) But he hasn't pressed it. Wherever I go, it's usually not closed but it hasn't been revealed to everyone yet but I think everyone already knows that (laughs).

Opening Story I don't know anything about this either (laughs). I haven't taken you to see your mother yet. I am now in the study stage. But I asked if I could call my girlfriend. Personally, I am someone who does not define my condition very much. It will be gradual. But maybe other people can relate to it? But I usually don't specify the case. Just being happy and happy with where you are today is a good thing. But what if there are leaked photos? It doesn't stick.”

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