Volleyball Nations League results today (May 19) Thai women's volleyball team. He lost three matches in a row

Volleyball match results Nations League 2024 Week 1, May 19, 2024 Thailand women's national volleyball team Still unable to achieve victory, he lost to the Canadian team 0-3 more sets.

By competing in Antalya, Türkiye. Thailand women's national volleyball team The team ranked 13th in the world enters the field to play the third match against the Canadian team, ranked 10th in the world.

for this game Thailand women's national volleyball team The first 6 players, namely Vonphan Kirdprash, Hataya Bumrongsuk, Wibawi Srithong, Chachowon Moksri, Tadao Nokching, Pimpichaya Kokram and Pianoch Panui were sent as free agents.

Which looks like the result Thailand women's national volleyball team It is a disadvantage in terms of form unable to successfully break through the Canada block, causing the loss of 1-3 sets with scores of 21-25, 13-25, 25-20 and 17-25 points.




As for the following scheduled programme, it includes:

At 7:45 pm, Brazil will meet Serbia, broadcast live on BUGABOO.TV.
Watch online https://www.bugaboo.tv/vnl/2024/round1/bra-srb.html
At 11:30 p.m., the United States will meet the Dominicans, broadcast live on BUGABOO.TV.
Watch online https://www.bugaboo.tv/vnl/2024/round1/usa-dom.html
At 3:00 AM, Thailand meets South Korea, broadcast live on Channel 7HD and online on BUGABOO.TV.
Watch online https://www.bugaboo.tv/vnl/2024/round1/tha-kor.html

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