Vikram Vedha Box Office estimate, Day 2: Shows 25% jump on Saturday; Collecting. rupee. 13.50 crore: Bollywood Box Office

Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan’s film Vikram Vida got off to a slow start at the box office on Friday. After collecting Rs. 10.58 crore on opening day, the film saw a bullish swing on its second day. Some trends and sample analysis point to a jump in the range from 25% to 30% on Saturday, with initial estimates lowering in the range rupee. 13.25 to 13.75 crore. The total Vikram Vedha is for about two days. rupee. 24 crores and will target the weekend of Rs. 40 crores.

The jump occurred in the multiplexes, while the mass belts were in roughly the same range as the first day. Multiplexes increased by 35 percent while group centers, i.e. single screens, decreased by about 5-7 percent, bringing the growth percentage up to about 25%. A jump in the metro is a good sign in the long run, but it is important for Vikram Vedha to boost that growth on Sunday as well.

Another leap on Sunday to be followed by a healthy trend that will put the film in a position to maintain low levels for the next few weeks until Diwali. Vikram Vedha with this opening area should be aiming for a century in the long run as that would also put them in the respectable biz segment although the bottom line in all aspects would still be low.

Vikram Vidda’s reports in critics and audiences are rather positive and this instills some hope of sustenance in the long run. Opening is low, and second-day business is also low if we follow Hrithik Roshan’s standards, but it’s not quite a losing battleground just yet.

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