Video: Nintendo releases new commercial for Kirby and the Forgotten Earth, switching will begin next month

Photo: Nintendo

Kirby celebrates his 30th birthday this year, and as part of this, Nintendo is releasing the all-new adventure Kirby and the Forgotten Land to switch.

It will arrive next month on March 25th, and prior to the game’s release, Nintendo was building excitement with all kinds of trailers. Recently we took a look at Kirby’s car looks like in the latest Nintendo Direct showNow, Nintendo of America has released a new commercial.

It’s only 30 seconds, but it manages to display all kinds of scenes – highlighting the fun gameplay offered in the latest version.

Once again, this game is coming out next month – and by the looks of it, There will also be amiibo support. That’s not all for Kirby this year either. As noted, it’s his 30th party in 2022, and it looks like Nintendo has a variety of projects planned.

This is exactly what Nintendo said in his profile Latest Financial Report Note how the collaboration with HAL Lab will be done:

“This year also marks Kirby’s 30th anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary, we are planning a variety of projects in collaboration with developer Kirby’s HAL Lab, with the goal of sharing the magic of the Kirby series with many people.”

Here’s another look at Kirby consuming a car, in case you missed the first round:

Will you try out the new Kirby game when it hits the Nintendo Switch next month? Leave a comment below.

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