Velez won NLCS 4 2022

Philadelphia – There’s something special going on here.

Another victory and Velez will go to the world championship.

“You couldn’t write it better for the men in that room, for the employees, for everyone in this organization,” Hoskins said. But I think, most importantly, for the city. Yes, you could not write it better. I can’t imagine what tomorrow will be like.”

It could be even crazier than Saturday night with Zach Wheeler on the hill in Game 5. Imagine that.

The Phillies have had a lot of good things going on in the post season. It started when they scored six games in the ninth to Beat the Cardinals In an epic return to the first game in the NL Wild Card series. They swept that series, then suffocated the Braves in the NL Division Series, which included Epic bat risewhich is history Home run in the gardenGreat promotions and more. The Phillies beat the Padres in Game 1 of the NLCS, which everyone will remember Schwarber shot. They won Game 3 behind another Homer from Schwarber and Six out save By Seranthony Dominguez.

But what happened in Game 4 of NLCS is heading towards the top. The Phillies have overcome a deficit of four or more games in a post-season game for only the third time in franchise history.

“I’ve had a lot of good luck, making sure I don’t hit a bus when I’m crossing the street,” said Rob Thompson, Phillies manager. “This is a big match. They came.”

Thompson was hoping to get nine times Walther, but he only got two. Walter exited the match after confronting six players to lead Padres to a 4-0 lead.

Only two times in baseball history (the Yankees over the Indians in Game 1 of the 1997 Major League Series, the Buccaneers over the Senators in Game 7 of the 1925 World Series) have the team returned after allowing four runs at the top of the first inning in a postseason game.

“Twenty-seven out!” Thompson and the players are in the dugout.

Getting punched in the mouth in the first half is just a little reminder,” Nick Castellanos said. “Like, do you know what? We’re in a fight. Let’s go.”

“The game is going to present itself, the game itself in the first half very quickly for us. And that was a challenge that we had to respond to real fast. It’s just kind of a team personality. We got a taste of that in our first postseason game. That was probably the perfect match we had.” Because we were going into the ninth inning and were able to come back and win. I think that taught us pretty quickly that there was a lot of baseball to be played.”

Schwarber started the bottom of the first half alone. Hoskins followed him with Homer to cut Padres’ 4-2 lead.

“Here we are,” said Alec Bohm. “Two hits, two runs? That really calms things down.”

Pulp Phillies came out great. Connor replaced Brugdon Walter with a double in the first half, tied his career with 2 1/3 innings comfortably and did not allow a run. Then Andrew Bellati gave fourth place without goals.

Velez tied the match 4-4 down the fourth inning, but Juan Soto fired homer from two games against Brad Hand at the top of the fifth to make it 6-4. Schwarber worked a one-time outing at the bottom of fifth, and Hoskins smashed another Homer to tie him again at 6-6. Realmuto walked again, and Harper doubled again to score Realmuto and give Phils the lead. Castellanos hit a ball in the middle and hit the second base. It took a sinister leap and went off the field.

“Sometimes it is better to be lucky than to be good,” said Castellanos.

Harper scored to make the score 8-6.

The Phyllis never looked back as Noah Sendergaard, David Robertson and Zach Evelyn made four combined point-free rounds of rest. Schwarber hit Homer from the hitter’s eye on the sixth to make it 9-6. Realmuto moved back to the left in seventh as Phils tied for a franchise record with four teammates in the post-season game.

Sunday can be fun. The Willys would have a Wheeler on the hill, with Schwarber, Hoskins and Harper swinging hot racquets at the same time.

It seemed too good to be true.

“The mission is not over,” Harper said. “We have a lot ahead of us.”

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