VALORANT, the Chinese favorite, and EDward Gaming, the main team and the women’s team, showed their superiority by winning two consecutive major tournaments.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at 8:00 AM and 41 seconds IST

Back to the middle of the month. October 2023 There was a competition in the program. VALORANT China Evolution Series Chapter 2: The Choice One of the largest and most important battles over Chinese affiliation. The competition will be in the form of collecting points. To search for a famous agency to get a quota to enter a big level program. League annual 2024 this

Despite being in the big show battle VALORANT China Evolution Series Chapter 2: The Choice time Playoffs There will be a preferred affiliation such as Edward Gaming Participate in such competitions but since it may be a matter of keeping a plan, they do so Track eSports Those who are in strong shape and have won against the favored team are ready to be sent through the agency Edward Gaming She bounced and fell to the bottom, so confused.

Of course, because of the strength Edward Gaming This far exceeds the villagers’ graph thus allowing them to climb back up until entering the next round. Grand final Before victory was closed in a strong way in his face Track eSports With the result 3 – 0 (13:9, 13:7, 13:5) Which led to belonging Edward Gaming Ready to grab points Circle points And another strong cup.

If it refers to the points Circle points At present, it can be seen that the company is from China. Edward the games At present they are completely afloat. Due to the aforementioned competition, only the final battle remains Law 3 But their current points had now increased significantly. 925 points, so even if they miss out in the first round, they could get a ticket into the big competition this year. 2024 Without much difficulty

But their full arsenal is not there yet, because if we go back to the middle of the month. September 2023 The agency is the favorite from China. Edward Gaming I’m out to move forward with the part about creating a women’s team under the team name Zhao Hui Edward Jiming In order to fight the big battle on the list Game changers This will come soon

During the same week, Zhao Hui Edward Jiming It is the agency’s women’s team Edward Gaming He went out to show his strong skills by winning without stopping. Until the storming of the round Grand final Go first on the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Game Changers – East Asia It’s one of the big battles to find the one actor. 1 Continue to compete in the program VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: A game-changing tournament Which will be held at the end of this year

In the end, though Zeta section He can cheat death and even get into the round Grand final He takes revenge Zhao Hui Edward Jiming It was successful, but due to the intensity and excellently prepared plan of the women’s team from the preferred agency Edward Gaming So make this tournament go to Zhao Hui Edward Jiming Go with the result 3 – 1 (13:9, 13:4, 11:13, 13:11) I finally got it.

It is considered one of the stories of happy agency. Edward Gaming Which should make the agency owner smile a little. Because they were able to win the championship from the big program of the game. Valorant receipt 2 Finally, we have to wait and see if the Chinese agency will come out and show its strength in the competition next. Until it is talked about more than before, we will have to wait and see.

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