US Congress: Kevin McCarthy is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel


US Congress Kevin McCarthy is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel

While the House of Representatives was still without a “speaker” on Friday, the Republican Party managed to rally some Trump supporters to its cause.

Kevin McCarthy needs to bring a few more elected officials into line.


He is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Republican Kevin McCarthy on Friday convinced some Trump supporters to support his candidacy As a speaker of the US Congress, not enough to clear the way for him to perch.


Attacked by Donald Trump’s supporters exactly two years ago, the Capitol is plunged into another kind of chaos, crippled by a revolt by ultra-conservative elected officials. Kevin McCarthy, the favorite to replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House of Representatives, made significant progress in his candidacy for the first time in a fourth day of particularly slow negotiations. “We’re going to surprise you,” he said as he entered Congress Friday morning, facing a throng of reporters questioning the credibility of his candidacy.

But the 50-year-old, a member of the Republican general staff for more than 10 years, still had to bring a handful of elected officials into line, some of whom vowed never to support him. After 13 votes, he is still camped in this position. A new situation For over 160 years. This hardline core of elected Trump supporters is playing catch-up by taking advantage of the slim Republican majority that won the November midterm elections.



This freeze The U.S. Congress has very concrete consequences: without the “Speaker,” the third most important figure in American politics after the president and vice president, elected officials cannot take an oath or vote on bills. Cannot participate in parliamentary committees or receive information classified as security secret. The 434 members of the House of Representatives, a spectacle of this singularity, continue to vote until a president is elected.

Usually only a few hours can stretch into several weeks: in 1856, elected members of Congress agreed only after two months and 133 turns. However, Kevin McCarthy currently has no credible contender. Chairman Steve Scalise’s name is the only one circulating as a possible replacement, and his chances don’t look serious. Irritation was palpable among members of the “Grand Old Party” who heavily support Kevin McCarthy’s candidacy, leading to very heated debates. Many of them walked out of Hemicycle in protest during a speech by Sling’s president-elect, Matt Getz.

“high margin”

In the Democratic Party, we’re somehow busy, as if all the elected officials are underlining the Republican factions a little more with every vote. Joe Biden’s party may be rallying around its leader, Hakeem Jeffries, but his camp doesn’t have enough votes to end the deadlock.

Democrats strongly condemned Friday’s capture of the faithful Donald Trump — many of whom refuse to concede defeat in 2020 — in the Republican Party, two years after its supporters stormed the congressional seat. “The chaos in the House of Representatives is yet another example of how an extreme fringe (…) prevents them from governing,” promised Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

Birthday Attack on the Capitol “It should serve as a signal to the Republican Party to reject Trumpism, which is leading from failure to failure,” he said in a statement. The second annual ceremony featured a minute of silence on the steps of the US Congress.


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