Urges Electoral Commission to block road to 250 senators in Yao Yao – ex-NCPO youth “Big Leg” urges “Shutin” to be replaced.

“Brit” urges Electoral Commission to block senators' way of procrastination, Rule 154 has opened loophole for persistence, not announcing results, calls on people to monitor, don't persist , “Big Leg” criticizes General Nattabon Nakbanit, replaces “Sudin” with ex-coup group's youth as “Civil” “They made the policies of the government above the army,” he stammered.

On April 20, 2024, the list of MPs Mr. Mr. Parit Watsarasindu is an Independent Advocate as Spokesperson of Move Forward Party and Head of Political Development Committee Mass Communication and Public Participation. Complain to the Ombudsman and let the Constitutional Court decide. Are the Senators Acquisition Act, Sections 40, 41, 42 inconsistent with or inconsistent with Article 107 of the Constitution? In electing new senators, the Political Development Committee said the Election Commission should achieve two goals: 1. Be open to public participation as much as possible. Many candidates are competing. There are plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself. Public will participate as much as possible. Appointed from the NCPO shall serve for an indefinite period.

Mr. Britt, to Cole 2, Mr. There are many concerns, such as Thirayut's complaint, that this is a kind of risk. But we are concerned about Article 154 of the 2024 senatorial election regulations announced in February by the Ombudsman or the Constitutional Court, and once the 200 senators are elected, if the electoral commission deems the election valid, fair and just, its results. Selection will be announced. However, there is no clear timeline written as to when the election results should be declared. Choosing honestly and fairly opens the door. The Election Commission may postpone the declaration of results. Without a fixed term, it would allow current senators to serve indefinitely

Mr. Britt said senators do not have the power to elect the prime minister under the interim rules, but they have powers comparable to new senators, such as voting on constitutional amendments. In addition to the certification of individuals moving to independent institutions, the process of electing a new set of senators is already complicated. The Election Commission should work hard. Make effective communication clear to people, create rules and communicate everything. No ambiguity. I would like to call on the public to help stay alert. Do not prolong this process. He believes the current 250 senators will serve indefinitely, regardless of how long you last for whatever reason. including constitutional amendment

Discussing the Cabinet reforms, the spokesperson of the Progressive Party said that it would only be beneficial if there were amendments in the Cabinet. Yet taking into account the political allocation factors that the government adjusts to attract more skilled people to appropriate ministerial posts does not give the overall picture of what drives government policy. Very efficient

When asked about the news flow, the government is preparing to appoint General Nattabon Nakbanit, who served as secretary to the defense minister. General Prayut Chan-o-cha, former prime minister when the NCPO took power, is also a 20th-generation military recruiter, as is General Afrat Kongsombong, a former army chief and Royal Deputy Secretary-General. Palace. Mr. How to replace Sutin Klangsang as Defense Minister? One of the first positions of public trust in Thai political history was a non-prime minister position of Defense Minister in the Seth 1 government. In the past, Kaew Khlai Party discussed the Military Reform Agenda 152. Less progress than expected. This is an important method of running the Defense Ministry with civilians. In reaffirming the principle that the civil government is superior to the military

Recently, today, Mr. Sudin has announced progress on amending two laws, the Defense Regulation Act and the Military Courts Act. Even editing content may still not cover all issues. The Progressive Party submitted a draft amendment. But that's a good sign. To fix the administrative structure, confirm the principle that the Ministry and the Army are civilian government above the military

“If there is indeed a cabinet change, people in the military are connected to the old power grid and connected to the conspiracy or close to it. People may also ask questions about actually running the ministry which will lead to a military reform agenda. And the doctrinal emphasis of the civilian government on the military is loosened,” Mr. Britt said.

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