Urgent, Director General of Rice Department schedule a press conference tomorrow at 1 PM to open up the “Sreesuvan” issue and clarify.

Director General of the Rice Department Nattakit Kongdip confirmed that Minister Thammanad's adviser did not pay “Sreesuvan” for damages. I would like to do a press conference to express my sincerity. And clarify all the facts tomorrow at 1:00 PM in the Ministry of Agriculture

On January 29, 2024, Mr. Nattakit Kongdip, Director General of Rice Department referred to the case of a person with bad intentions and it is mentioned that there is Mr. Moo, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. He brought the wife of the Director General of the Rice Department. President of Tesabakhti Anbu Nilam Organization Mr. Sreesuvan Saranya was paid on November 28, 2023 on the condition that the complaint be terminated. And the organization should not be brought into disrepute

He wants to make sure that this is not true from such cases. Because on that day he always attended the event. And the advisor to the Minister of Agriculture was not given a single paat to anyone. I brought Srisuvan to see him just to talk. It aims to put an end to baseless complaints and to protect regular civil servants because he has never had any corruption issues. On understanding with Mr. Sreesuvan for any further obligation, I asked him and the said counsel to return immediately with his wife.

“I called Councilor Moo to apologize. In the case of my story, ill-intentioned people were accused of causing the damage. He understands the insult and distortion from facts and let the message be corrected,” said the director general of the rice department.

Mr. Nattakid also said that honesty should be shown and all the facts should be clarified. He will issue a statement explaining the incident at the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 1:00 pm. Therefore, we invite all media to hear the facts.

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