URANUS2324 Review: Space, Love, and Dreams That May Not Have Been Reached Yet.

It's another Thai movie that fans are waiting for. Uranus 2324 The amazing thing of humanity called “fate” is conveyed as a representation that helps to connect the two characters who are going through terrible events. Bringing the two together again in the multiverse. Which had to be replaced by obstacles and separation in the end is another important part of the story that makes the audience feel excited for the characters so that they can be happy together.

Uranus 2324 Romance Movies – Sci-Fi wants to take the viewers to the limitless space with the love story of the bond between Kat (Becky-Rebecca Patricia Armstrong) and Lin (Frene-Sarocha Chankimha) does not happen in just one world. Which even if you have to dive into the depths of the ocean or travel to space they still have only good wishes for each other as before. No matter where the story takes them.

The film's highlights for the writer, as well as the courage and ambition of directors such as James Thanadol Nuansot, were:Three rebounds, Moon hides a ghost) It will try to create something new for the Thai film industry by creating stunning scenes in deep space and spaceships. Although there are some scenes that were dropped or lacked computer fluidity, including the fact that Lin's character is the only Thai astronaut in the story who went on a mission to outer space. And Cat's character who plays the role of a free diver. In fact, this sport may not be talked about or very popular in Thailand.

As for the main actors in the story, Frein and Becky, it can be said that they have to deal with new challenges of their own. Since the Christmas series that made its name locally and internationally Pink Theory Gap Series (2022) who this time got the chance to prove his acting skills on the big screen. It is Frein's first story and Becky's second story after that. long lasting love (2023) which was released last year.

to Uranus 2324 The love scene between Lynn and Kat is believed to be something that fans will be happy about. Partners Frein and Becky were all smiles and enjoying their latest roles in different parts of the movie.

Meanwhile, along with admiration Uranus 2324 It still leaves scars in many places. Like the storytelling and pacing that lacks brevity with the film running time of 148 minutes, there were many scenes that the writers felt could have been shortened or cut to enhance the film's perfection. Which despite the film being very long, the intensity of the story, the dimensions of the character and creating a connection between the characters and the audience still does not do its job as it should in the amount of time available for the large project of producing this film.

Another thing that might make viewers frown is the explicit connection to a scene in the movie that the writer wrote.I think the production team was able to handle the scene in a smart way and not push the product presentation any further. Uranus 2324 It was selected by the Ministry of Culture to be one of the films considered for budget support to make films to promote soft power in Thailand in 2024, which is still unfortunate in the landscape of soft power promotion films.

However, the main plot of the movie is still a romantic movie that does not limit its meaning and only depicts the love between couples. But the movie also tells the love story between families well through supporting actors like Ann-Siriam Phakdidamrongrit, Aum-Amarin Nitipon, Jo-Ninnat Sinchai, etc.

Movie Overview Uranus 2324 It can be said that there are space movies and girls love movies that are unique in Thailand, with amazing productions and sets. It is another representative of the movie that helps inspire those who have dreams very well. But there is still a lack of dimension to the characters. Unfortunately, it captured the hearts of the audience with the content of the movie. The audience will have to find the answer together. If the one we love has to leave us one day, where is the other person who is still there? Will we meet again? Or should they be separated like Uranus?

Uranus 2324 It is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide on July 4.

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