United States – Hurricane Louisiana kills at least one person


A hurricane hit the suburbs of New Orleans on Tuesday evening. There is at least one death and several damages.

U.S. media reported that a hurricane struck the southern U.S. state of Louisiana on Tuesday evening, killing at least one person and destroying several homes. “Big hurricane hits New Orleans! Disappear now! “Tweeted the National Weather Service from New Orleans at 8:35 pm (3:35 am in Switzerland).

According to a Facebook post from the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office, “extensive damage to homes” has been reported in the eastern suburbs of New Orleans. “Rescue operations are underway to help residents trapped in their homes,” he added.

The head of St. Bernard’s Church, which covers several cities, told local television WDSU that at least one person had been killed in Arabia.

Images aired on local channels and on the Internet show ruined houses, poles, wires and rubbish piled up in the streets.

“State departments are assisting local authorities in assessing the damage and impact of this hurricane,” Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards tweeted.

The hurricane was created by a series of hurricanes that moved over the southern United States on Tuesday. An additional hurricane was seen in eastern Texas earlier today and will be more likely in the evening.

“A storm or hurricane is likely in the next few hours,” the National Weather Service tweeted.


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