United States – He was hanged at the age of 35 for four counts of murder


On Thursday, a 19-year-old American prisoner was hanged for participating in a revenge campaign with his father and brother who killed four people.

Gilbert b. Participated in a family revenge in 2005.


In the US state of Oklahoma, a 35-year-old man was sentenced to death Thursday for four counts of murder as part of a family revenge. Gilbert b. Corrections officials said McAlester was pronounced dead after receiving a death injection at the prison.

In 2005, he was involved in a murder trial with his father, his brother and a fourth person. Their goal was to “get revenge” on the father who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. They went to the home of the person who caused the accident – wrongly – and fired about sixty shots. Gilbert P., two men who tried to escape. In all, their journey resulted in four deaths.

The father, who suffered a significant mental illness, was found criminally irresponsible in 2006 and later died. The brother was sentenced to life imprisonment and a fourth to six years in prison after cooperating with investigators.

“I’m no longer the 19-year-old boy I was”

Gilbert B., considered one of the driving forces of crime. Was sentenced to death. After settling all of his appeals, he asked the Oklahoma Amnesty Office to recommend that the governor reduce his sentence. “I’m sorry for the pain,” he said during the December hearing before this advisory panel. But, “the 19-year-old boy I was with is no more,” he pleaded.

He explained that he grew up in a family of drug addicts and had been addicted to methamphetamine since the age of 13 and was very worried about his father’s accident. He said “everything to me despite his flaws.” He assured that there was no clear recollection of the day of the crime. “I can not tell you how the decision to kill them was made.” “I understand that I am guilty and I accept it. At that time my life was full of chaos and drugs.

He did not convince team members and was the third prisoner to be executed in the United States in 2022 and the second prisoner in Oklahoma.

Seven year interval

The conservative Western government reopened in 2021 after a seven-year hiatus, with executions using the three-pronged approach suspected of causing illicit suffering for the perpetrators. In late October, a convict was convulsed by seizures and vomited several times before leaving.

According to so-called witnesses, Gilbert P.’s execution appeared to have taken place “very quickly,” without problems.


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