United States: Emmanuel Macron celebrates Francophonie and visits Elon Musk


AmericaEmmanuel Macron celebrates Francophonie and visits Elon Musk

Emmanuel Macron discreetly met Elon Musk after a walk through the streets of New Orleans on Friday.

The French president strolled through the lively streets of New Orleans with his wife Brigitte.


A walk through the legendary “French Quarter” to end his state visit to the United States: Emmanuel Macron went to New Orleans on Friday, a historical symbol of Franco-American relations, to celebrate the Francophonie … to meet Elon Musk.

The day after a lavish reception at the White House that sealed the French president’s “friendship” with US President Joe Biden, the French president strolled through the city’s most lively little streets with his wife, Brigitte.

Emmanuel Macron, shirt in hand, was greeted with a speech in French saying “Welcome sir”. He and the First Lady were photographed with young children in the arms of their parents. The timing contrasted with the first two official days of his visit, which included nuclear and space-related meetings, speeches at the embassy and speeches to members of the US parliament.

After this walk under milder weather than the winter sun in Washington, Emmanuel Macron announced a new program from the New Orleans Museum of Art called “French for All,” which promotes the teaching of French in the United States.

A surprise meeting

The French president said the program aims to “expand and improve” the teaching of Moliere from “kindergarten to higher education” to make French a “language of cultural and economic opportunities” and to “elevate” its practice. He had earlier, during an improvised press conference, hailed Louisiana as a “land of creolization,” “where French is loved, expected.”

But before speaking — and willingly — Emmanuel Macron met for an hour with Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, the eccentric boss of Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter, the social network he moderated and cut thousands of jobs.

The French president tweeted that he had a “clear and honest discussion” with Elon Musk, specifically exchanging “future green industrial projects such as electric vehicles and battery production”.

“Transparent conditions of use, a significant strengthening of content control and the protection of freedom of expression: Twitter must try to comply with European regulations”, said the French president, who did not answer questions from journalists in this surprise meeting. Elon Musk responded “patiently” without elaborating on “fantastic plans in France”.

Birthplace of Jazz

He earlier spoke with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to discuss climate change and “strengthening relationships in the energy industry,” according to Elysee — Louisiana is a major exporter of gas. Nature.

Along with film director Claude Lelouch and dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millbead, Emmanuel Macron was to meet the actors of cultural life in this city, the cradle of jazz, the day after a dinner at the White House hosted by pianist John. Bautista comes from a musical family in New Orleans.

On Thursday, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden expressed their solidarity over Ukraine, expressed their desire to find a solution to the war together, and rounded corners that have dominated the economic conflict. Their one-on-ones in the Oval Office.


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