United States: Biden wants to allocate $ 33 billion to “help Ukraine”


On Thursday, the US president announced that he would like to further assist Ukraine in defending itself against Russia. That goes to billions of dollars.

The US President wants to help Ukraine militarily.

The US President wants to help Ukraine militarily.


The United States cannot remain inactive during the conflict in Ukraine, Joe Biden explained to Congress on Thursday to justify his demand. kyiv.

Of this total, 20 billion should go to arms supplies, almost seven times the impressive amount of weapons and ammunition already supplied to Ukraine from the Russian invasion that began on February 24.

kyiv already has 10 anti-tank weapons for every Russian tank, the US president said proudly during his speech at the White House. But he said the United States was not “attacking” Russia, but “helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian atrocities and aggression.” The Kremlin has previously warned against supplying Ukraine with weapons that “threaten European security.”

Discussion among elected officials

This additional $ 33 billion should now be released by the US Congress. But debates among elected officials, while unanimous in favor of kyiv, stumble upon the content of the law that extends military aid: Democrats at the same time want to insert an amendment to increase the budget for the struggle. In the United States, anti-Govt., Republicans flatly deny it.

The Senate leadership of the Republican Party has warned that if Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer tries to unite the two, “it will defeat both.” As for Ukraine, this aid is urgent: more than two months after the start of the conflict, Russia has doubled its attacks in the south and east of the country.

Moreover, after being limited to defensive weapons, Washington now sends artillery, helicopters and drones to the Ukrainian military, before its soldiers return to the foreheads of those trained in the use of these weapons in the United States or third countries.

“Irresponsible” threats

Joe Biden on Thursday slammed Vladimir Putin’s “irresponsible” threats over the possibility of using nuclear weapons. “It shows the sense of frustration that Russia faced its miserable defeat in terms of its initial intentions,” he ruled.

The White House has said his administration wants to increase pressure on the Russian president and his entourage by proposing to dismantle “cryptocurrency” assets seized from Russian oligarchs and to divert revenue to Q to “compensate for the damage caused by the Russian occupation.” In a statement.

The total value of these assets seized to date is more than $ 30 billion in Russian assets in the European Union (EU) alone, and nearly 7 billion luxury items (boats, artwork, real estate and helicopters) owned by oligarchy, according to the report.

Punitive measures

The United States, meanwhile, has “allowed and frozen more than a billion ships and aircraft, as well as frozen hundreds of millions of dollars in assets of the Russian elite in US accounts.” This month, Spain approved a US request to seize the $ 90 million superboat owned by Russian billionaire Victor Wexelberg, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin.

Nonviolent punitive measures promised on Thursday that the White House would continue to “block” maneuvers to “avoid sanctions.”


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