United States: After a derailment, Ohio sues Norfolk Southern


After the derailment, Ohio sued Norfolk Southern

Ohio wants to “hold Norfolk Southern financially responsible” for the February 3 catastrophic derailment in East Palestine.


Some residents have reported experiencing a variety of symptoms including headaches and rashes.

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The US state of Ohio on Tuesday launched civil lawsuits against Norfolk Southern Railway after a train carrying chemicals derailed in early February, raising fears of serious environmental consequences.

“Ohio should not have to bear the incredible financial burden (as a result) of Norfolk Southern’s gross negligence,” Dave Yost, the state’s attorney general, said in a statement.

The lawsuit seeks to “hold Norfolk Southern financially responsible” for the Feb. 3 train derailment in East Palestine, which “recklessly endangered the health of area residents and Ohio’s natural resources,” the press release stated.

big fire

The complaint accuses Norfolk Southern of 58 violations of both federal and Ohio environmental laws, including defects in the train and the way it was operated, but the product releases chemicals into the air, river systems and public lands.

The derailment caused a massive fire and 2,000 people were evacuated. The train was carrying vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic and highly flammable chemical used in the manufacture of plastics. The railway authorities continued with “controlled” releases of this vinyl chloride, which emits toxic fumes, to avoid a possible explosion.

Some residents have reported experiencing various symptoms, including headaches and rashes, and said they fear they will end up with cancer within a few years. Officials last week announced a ‘special’ investigation into Norfolk Southern’s ‘safety culture and practices’ after a number of accidents.


“Norfolk Southern will clean up the site in a safe, thorough and expeditious manner,” its CEO promised before a Senate committee Thursday, recalling the company’s multimillion-dollar pledge to the region. Referring to that promise, the Ohio attorney general said in a statement Tuesday that “the complaint will ensure that Norfolk Southern keeps its word.”

Dave Yost is asking the company to be held accountable for damages, including lost tax revenue, caused by the derailment, to “prevent future harm to the environment and public health” and to “reimburse Ohio’s current and future costs to restore nature.” resources”.

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