United Kingdom: “Partygate”: Boris Johnson saves head


The British Prime Minister, who was provoked by the revolt of his Conservative party after the “Partygate” scandal, won a no-confidence vote on Monday evening.

Boris Johnson won the confidence of Conservative MPs on Monday evening.

Boris Johnson won the confidence of Conservative MPs on Monday evening.


Boris Johnson, who received 211 votes from Conservative MPs on Monday evening, received 148 votes in a secret ballot, which allows him to remain party leader and retain the post of head of government.

Two-and-a-half years after winning the election, the 57-year-old leader became increasingly weak and ran for office, embroiled in a “partygate” affair. Parties on Downing Street During his imprisonment, Kovid was relaunched at the end of May with a devastating report describing violations of the rules enacted to deal with the disease.

Monday morning events hastened, rarely closing within the festive brackets of celebrations of Elizabeth II’s 70 – year reign. Graham Brady, chairman of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee, announced that the required limit of 54 letters had been reached from MPs or the 15% parliamentary committee demanding the resignation of Boris Johnson. In the evening, deputies and ministers followed each other to a room in Westminster Palace, behind closed doors and by secret ballot.

Turbulent during the Jubilee

According to a poll released by YouGov on Monday, 60% of Britons want the Tories to oust their leader – but only 32% of the majority of voters.

Despite the accumulation of corruption and the anger of the public and his majority, Boris Johnson has maintained himself by highlighting his key role in the Western response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in recent months. The absence of a clear successor in the line of Conservatives who have ruled the UK for 12 years helped him, especially the star of Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, the party’s long-time favorite, who was suddenly stigmatized. His wealth and his wife’s tax arrangements during times of rising cost of living.

But his decline in popularity in the local elections in early May has already caused a major setback for the Tories. The “pojo”, which was hailed by the crowd during the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, is widely expected to win the 2024 assembly election.

Protesters outside Parliament in London.

Protesters outside Parliament in London.


In addition to calls for his resignation since the release of the executive statement on “Partygate” in late May, MP John Benrose, who has been in charge of the fight against corruption with Boris Johnson, resigned on Monday. He thinks the minister is violating the law and the prime minister should do the same.

Even if he wins Monday’s vote, Boris Johnson will not have problems. At the end of 2018, Theresa May escaped a resolution of no confidence before resigning a few months later and was very weak. Another inquiry into the “partygate” is planned, which will be a parliament. If the latter decides that Boris Johnson misled the House of Commons by claiming he did not violate the rules, he should resign.


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