United Kingdom – “partygate”: Boris Johnson accused of “blackmail”


On Thursday, a member elected by his majority overthrew the British Prime Minister, seizing his place despite a scandal involving organized parties during his imprisonment.

Boris Johnson is facing an unprecedented crisis.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been embroiled in a series of blockades on Downing Street, has been accused of seeking “black mail” to avoid being ousted by an elected representative on Thursday. The 57-year-old Tory leader has been experiencing the worst crisis since winning the summer of 2019 and coming to power. He apologized in parliament last week – in May 2020 he admitted to having such a party. A business meeting – not suppressing the anger that develops even within his majority.

Boris Johnson is determined to face the storm and face the storm, saying he wants to lead the campaign for the next legislative elections scheduled for 2024. In a sign of continued tension, Conservative MP William Wrak has urged his colleagues to report to the police the “blackmail” attempt to prevent 54 elected officials (15% of the parliamentary committee) from backing an organized no-confidence vote.

William Vrock said he was wary of such behavior, “from 10 Downing Street staff, special advisers, government officials and many others who encourage the publication of articles in the press to embarrass those who suspect they do not trust the Prime Minister.” “I have not seen or heard any evidence to support such allegations,” Boris Johnson wiped out during a visit to a clinic. “I’m focusing on the British priority, which is what Govt has to say,” he added.

Spectacular deviation

In a bid to regain initiative, the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that he would lift most of the restrictions imposed in December, in the face of a surge in Omigran cases in the UK, which is considered tough by part of his majority. His decision was enthusiastically accepted by the conservative press, which has been relentless against him in recent days.

The unexpected departure on Wednesday of Christian Wakford, a Member of Parliament who left the Labor opposition, initially considered a slap in the face, also seemed to unite the ruling party. “It calmed the nerves,” MP Andrew Percy told the BBC. “I really think people have realized that this consistent navel-gazing and internal debate will only benefit our political opponents.”

Christian Wakford, one of the few elected officials who openly called for Boris Johnson’s resignation in support of allegations of government intimidation, said he was threatened with losing his constituency school if he did not join the ranks.

“Pork plot”

Apart from this spectacular departure that occurred at the start of the weekly session of the House of Commons, the Prime Minister escaped from a group of young Tory MPs who tried to overthrow him. Conspiracy “, the specialty of the constituency of one of these elected officials.

However, Boris Johnson’s reputation is at an all-time low. Six out of ten Britons (61%, 5 points higher than the previous week) have a negative view of him, according to an Ipsos Mori poll released on Thursday.


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