United Kingdom – London’s “bad attraction” lasted only 6 months


Workers began removing a marble arch mount that cost 7.4 million francs but was not accepted by the public.

This is called the giant failure. Workers began removing the Marble Arch mound this week, which is considered by many visitors to be ‘London’s worst attraction’. Complete with this man-made mountain, viewing platform and indoor event center, it has been a hot topic since it opened last summer. For the wrong reasons, tell me “Freedom”.

Since its opening ceremony, the plants have begun to germinate, with work not even completed. The staff had to work overtime to visualize the mound. To make matters worse, the audience revolted against the entry price of 8 8 (10 francs) and the very disappointing gap between advertising and reality. Facing this barrage of green wood, the attraction was temporarily closed in August and reopened with low admission prices.

When the Marble Arch Mount opens in July 2021.


Drastically reducing the attraction on the internet is not enough to satisfy the audience. The New York Times wrote: “Londoners are promised a mountain with a view. They had a pile of scaffolding. ” Icing on the cake: Westminster City Council has set a budget of மில்லியன் 2 million for the attraction, but it will cost three times as much or மில்லியன் 6 million (7.4 million francs). Faced with the disaster, the authorities finally decided to remove the mound. It deliberately closed its doors on January 22, and its removal will be completed in May.


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