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United Kingdom: A historic train strike marks unnamed mismanagement


Thirty years unheard of: trains across the country and the London Underground paralyzed on Tuesday, a movement that could spread.

The British are preparing for a terrible week in traffic.

The British are preparing for a terrible week in traffic.


The UK is preparing for a three-day train strike this week. This movement may be the worst in thirty years, and may extend to many departments. The railway union RMT, which has been calling for pay rises, especially in the wake of rising inflation, announced in early June that more than 50,000 railway workers would go on strike “during the biggest sector conflicts since 1989”. Department.

The largest day of mobilization is scheduled for Tuesday, and will affect railroads across the country and the London Underground. The movement will resume on Thursday and Saturday, but traffic will be disrupted from Monday to Sunday. The government continued to call on the parties to hold talks on Monday saying “we hope the discussions between employers and the unions will move forward,” Treasury Secretary Simon Clark said in an interview with Sky News.

Other fields involved?

“The general public needs to understand that we can not have wage increases that increase inflation because it will fuel the problems we are trying to solve,” he said. The TUC trade union federation, for its part, called on Downing Street to play a “positive” role in the debate, saying the government had “provoked tensions” at the time.

The movement threatens to spread not only to other modes of transport, such as buses, but beyond this week. Other transport unions have also called on their members to decide on the strike. It can spread to other fields such as education, health, position, lawyers.

Dreamy week ahead

Network Rail, manager of the railway network, says RMT, the main rail union, wants to cut at least 2,500 maintenance jobs as part of a 2 billion savings plan. Asked if he would support the possibility of a general strike in the country for the first time in nearly a century, Lynch told the BBC he would support it.

Meanwhile, the British are preparing for a tough week in traffic. The London-based transport company on Tuesday warned on its site that “avoid traveling as much as possible” because “most underground and national rail links will be severely damaged or not working”.

Network Rail presented only 20% of the service provided, with the network half open for the three-day strike. Andrew Hines, chief executive of Network Rail, called for preparations for the “unnecessary” and “harmful” strike. The walk is particularly likely to disrupt major sporting and cultural events such as the Glastonbury Music Festival, the Rolling Stones concert in London on Saturday and the finals of some high school students.


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