Unbearable! Trouble with Neighbors Feeding Pigeons: PPTVHD36

Villagers in the Bang Pua Thong area complained to the neighbor’s aunt that pigeons were waiting to be fed, and many pigeons flocked to live in the village.

This is a clip of villagers from a community. Bang Rak Pathana Sub-District, Bang Pua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province, on the Facebook page Nonthaburi News, an aunt in the village has complained to Nonthaburi residents about feeding pigeons again. I have to use that word again. Because this incident happened once last year. All the villagers in this area said the same thing. This aunt loves to feed the pigeons and the municipal authorities have warned her many times and still she has not stopped this behaviour. CCTV footage from the rooftops of villagers’ houses is a clear proof of the high number and nuisance of pigeons.

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Reporters went to that village. I met an aunt who was feeding the pigeons. Aunty agreed and fed some more pigeons. But don’t give too much, just 2-3 handfuls.

Neighbors said that this aunt feeds the birds every morning and evening. He takes the cooked rice and throws it in front of the neighbor’s house or in front of the neighbor’s house. And I put rice on the roof of my aunt’s house for the birds to come down and eat. There are both mice and birds. Creating distress for the villagers Sometimes a neighbor complained that her aunt was not satisfied. He walked down the street cursing, cursing and throwing rice in front of neighboring houses.

Other neighbors also told that Siddhi likes to feed the birds and the villagers suffer all over her. Sometimes I walk to open the mailbox in front of the neighbor’s house. And Aunty has been in the news for feeding birds in the past. Authorities came down to check on her, but she still hasn’t stopped feeding the pigeons.

The aunt scolded reporters even when they were returning from visiting the area. And he spat at me and said, “Why are you taking pictures? Why are you feeding the birds?”

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