UN says “war crimes committed” in Ukraine

UN-mandated independent investigators on Ukraine released their first assessment in Geneva of violations committed in the country since the start of the Russian offensive. “War crimes have been committed,” their president, Eric Moss, said Friday.

Before the Human Rights Council, the Norwegian judge revealed the lessons of the commission’s investigations in Kyiv, Chernigov, Karkiv and Sumy. Dozens of sites were visited and more than 150 victims and witnesses were interviewed. On the other hand, despite its desire, the UN’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry has not been able to dialogue with Russian officials.

All three investigators condemned Russia’s use of “massive explosive weapons” that caused “massive damage and suffering to civilians.”

Torture and execution

It also notes the high number of executions in the regions visited by the Commission. He says he is exploring 16 different sites. Likewise, he obtained “consistent” evidence of torture while illegally detained by the Russian military. Beatings, electric shocks or forced nudity are expressly condemned. Some were taken to Russian prisons, where they were held for weeks. Others are missing.

Sexual violence

The Russian military also sexually assaulted children as young as 4 and the elderly. Children are also tortured and illegally detained. The commission also noted some cases of abuse by the Ukrainian military against Russian soldiers.

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