Ukraine says Russian general was killed in war

The The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported the death of another Russian general in the war.

“Yakov Rezantsev is the second Russian lieutenant to die in the war against Ukraine,” the ministry said on Twitter on Friday. “This has become a typical record of Russian generals. #Russian generals.”

Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev is said to have been killed during a Ukrainian raid on Chornobayvka air base near Kherson, Ukraine, BBC mentioned.

The air base was used as a command center for Russia as their advance on Ukraine was halted by Ukrainian resistance.

A Western official said Rezantsev, who commanded the 49th combined Russian army, was the seventh general to have died during the fighting.

Morale was low among the Russian forces, which prompted the generals to take a direct part in the battles, according to the BBC.

This news comes after the men ran over the Russian Colonel Yuri Medvedev with a tank this week. The 37th Motorized Rifle Brigade reportedly turned on him after several men were killed during an attack.

Medvedev’s legs were injured and he was taken to a hospital, where a Western official said he had died, British media reported.

The official said he died “as a result of the size of the losses incurred by his brigade.”

NATO estimates that about 40,000 Russians have been killed since the beginning of the invasion.

The Ukrainian army was relatively successful in holding off major Russian military gains.

Ukrainian forces have taken control of the capital, Kyiv, and US officials reported on Friday that the army of the former Soviet country had partially retaken Kherson, which the Kremlin had seized at the start of the war.

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