Ukraine relaunch Putin’s double claim to her body and wonders if the Russian leader even exists

A Ukrainian official has resurfaced allegations that multiple people are sitting in the position of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin In cases they are becoming increasingly frequent.

Major General Kirillo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, told daily Mail In an interview published over the weekend, Putin used at least three pairs of bodies they allegedly had plastic surgery to look like him. He also asked if “the real Putin still exists” and questioned whether the Russian president was still making important decisions in Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

Budanov’s claim was also highlighted in a tweet On Monday from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. NEWSWEEK He was unable to independently verify Budanov’s claims and reached out to the Kremlin for confirmation and comment.

Suggestions that Putin may be using physical doubles have surfaced several times in recent years, although the Kremlin has not confirmed such reports. While these allegations are unconfirmed, they confirm speculation that Putin may be suffering from it poor health or his long hold on power In Russia he could be in danger as he suffers his Ukrainian invasion Frequent setbacks.

In early August, Ukrainian Major General Vadim Skipetsky said telegraph who – which Putin ‘was not in good health, either physically or mentally’ and that members of his inner circle had begun to “panic about his health”.

“He uses a lot of doubles…and sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s the real Putin or someone to take his place,” Skibitsky said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during an annual meeting with participants of the Valdai Dialogue Club on October 27 in Moscow. A Ukrainian official has resurfaced allegations that multiple bodies represent Putin in cases that are becoming increasingly frequent.
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Soon after Skibitsky made these comments, Suggest Budanov Speaking on Ukrainian TV channel Groshi, Putin said that while he was suffering from his alleged health ailments, he was using physical doubles to avoid having to appear in public. Budanov said Putin’s alleged body has slight physical and behavioral differences.

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“They have different habits, different behaviours, different gait, and sometimes different heights, if you look closely,” he said.

Budanov spoke again of what he said were the obvious differences in Putin’s alleged husbands with daily Mailsaying that the rise was the strongest indicator.

“It’s visible in videos and photos,” he said. Gestures, body language, and earlobes, as they are unique to each person.

Budanov added that Ukraine was aware of about three specific pairs that appeared repeatedly, but indicated that they could not be sure of the exact number of those cheating Putin. He declined to speculate categorically on whether Putin himself had completely disappeared, either due to alleged health problems or internal power struggles.

Putin publicly admitted that he was offered at least a double body. During an interview with the state-owned news agency TASS in 2020, Putin said that He “ignored the idea of ​​any husband” During the early 2000s, when Russia was involved in The second Chechen war.

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