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Ukraine demands heavy weapons for Chevroletonets


According to Kyiv, kyiv has called for “long-range” Western artillery to allow the rapid recovery of Chevroletonetsk, a city in the east where the “fate” of the Donbass is endangered.

The city of Chevrolet Donetsk is a scene of violent clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces (photo taken on June 7, 2022).

The city of Chevrolet Donetsk is a scene of violent clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces (photo taken on June 7, 2022).


Provided by Ukrainian soldiers Chevrodonetsk According to the Ukrainian president, opposing Russian forces now controlling much of the city is one of the ‘toughest battles’ since the war began. Volodymyr Zhelensky. “We are defending our positions and inflicting significant casualties on the enemy. This is a very tough battle,” he said in a video released Wednesday evening, deciding that “fate” is being played out on the vast Donbass coalfield in Chevroletonetsk.

Donbass issue

The capture of the city would be a decisive step for Moscow to fully capture Donbass, which had already been partially captured by pro-Russian separatists since 2014, fortified by Russian troops after the February 24 invasion. However, Lugansk Governor Sergei Keita, one of the two Donbass regions, promised on Thursday that Ukraine would be able to retake Severotonetsk “in 2, 3 days” once it has “long-range” Western artillery.

Western weapons promised

Faced with troop pressure in Moscow, Ukrainians continue to appeal to their Western allies Weapons They are more powerful than those in the lower range at their disposal. Distribution of systems Many rocket launchersWith a range of some 80 km, slightly larger than the Russian systems, it has been announced by Washington and London, but it is not known when the Ukrainians will start using them.

Cannon blasts

According to Governor Qaidoi, street fighting and “constant” Russian shelling continued Thursday in the Chevroletonetsk region, which is still controlled by the Ukrainians. The Russians are fighting there by throwing artillery shells in the “oldest” way, before sending their troops to cross the Ukrainian border, he added: “Our forces chase them, and then the artillery attack resumes, and it goes on like this all the time.”

Trapped civilians

Last week, Severodonetsk appeared to be on the verge of collapse for the Russian army, but Ukrainian troops fought back and were able to retain more than the number. However, Russian forces are back on the field. About 800 civilians are trapped in the city’s Azot chemical plant, where they have taken refuge, the Ukrainian president’s lawyer said. This information was not confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities.

The blast was condemned

The Ukrainian president said on Thursday that Russian forces had bombed Azot at least twice on Wednesday evening, particularly at an ammonium production center. The neighboring town of Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, is completely controlled by the Ukrainian military, but under “powerful” shelling, accusing Governor Guido of “deliberately” targeting hospitals and aid distribution centers by humanitarian forces.

“Something burns every day”

Although many civilians were evicted from Severodonetsk and Lysytchansk, several thousand remained, including the elderly, those caring for them or unable to move elsewhere. “Every day, there are explosions, every day something burns,” testifies Yuri Krosnikov, who sits with several damaged buildings and burnt pavilions in the Lysitsansk district, while the artillery is not far from there. “There is no one to help me,” laments this retired man who feels abandoned.

Also in Donetsk

According to kyiv, 4 people have been killed and 11 injured in the last 24 hours, with the Russians continuing to bomb Donetsk, the other Donbass region. According to AFP journalists, a school in Baghmud was completely destroyed by a bomb blast on Wednesday, leaving books burnt amid the rubble. No injuries or damage were reported.

Leading Western analysts say Moscow’s forces have made slow progress so far, with limited advances in the Russian invasion, which began on February 24, at the cost of mass destruction and heavy casualties.


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