Ukraine crisis – London accuses Moscow of “trying to establish pro-Russian leader in Kiev”


Liz Truss, the head of British diplomacy, condemned the Russian government’s intention to establish “a pro-Russian leader in Kiev” and to “occupy” Ukraine.

Lis Truss warned Vladimir Putin on Saturday that “any Russian military incursion into Ukraine” would create a “major strategic error.”


The United Kingdom on Saturday accused Russia of “trying to establish a pro-Russian leader in Kiev” and considered “occupying” Ukraine, the day after the US-Russian talks, described the allegations as “Moscow absurdities”. “We urge the Foreign Office to stop spreading nonsense,” the Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted on Sunday.

In an abrasive statement, the head of British diplomacy, Liz Truss, condemned “the scale of Russian action aimed at shaking Ukraine.” “According to our information, the Russian government is trying to establish a pro-Russian leader in Kiev, while it plans to invade and occupy Ukraine,” he added. The Foreign Ministry says that ‘former Ukrainian MP Yevgeny Murayev is seen as a viable candidate’, but he is not the only one: Russian intelligence has “links with many former Ukrainian politicians”.

British diplomacy thus evokes the names of Sergei Arbusov (first Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2012 to 2014, then Acting Prime Minister), Andrei Klove (former head of the Ukrainian government Viktor Yanukovych presiding over the presidency), and Volodymyr. (Former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Security Council of Ukraine) or Mykola Azarov (Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014). “Some of them are currently in contact with Russian intelligence agents who are planning an attack on Ukraine,” the ministry said.

In the evening the United States described the British accusations as “deep concern”. “This kind of conspiracy is deeply worrying. The Ukrainian people have a sovereign right to determine their future, and we stand with democratically elected partners in Ukraine, “said Emily Horn, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council in the White House.

Vice-Admiral K-Achim Sch்பnbock, the leader of the German navy, had previously called the situation in which Russia was occupying its neighbor “nonsense.” In the evening, the German Defense Ministry announced his resignation.

“Franks” speaks

The British reports came hours after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu agreed to a meeting with his British counterpart Ben Wallace.

The bilateral meeting, since 2013, aims to “explore all avenues for stability and resolution of the Ukrainian crisis,” British Defense Ministry sources said on Saturday. The Kremlin, which has been accused by the West of amassing tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border with the intent of an offensive, denies any militant intentions, but specifically links the expansion to agreements guaranteeing NATO not to expand. Ukraine.

Unacceptably, Westerners will respond by threatening Russia with severe sanctions during the attack. Despite the unresolved situation at the time, a relaxation between the West and Moscow began on Friday after several weeks of verbal escalation, during talks between Russian and US diplomatic leaders Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blingen in Geneva.

The two ministers agreed to continue their “open” talks next week on Friday, reassuring UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that an invasion of Ukraine or a military incursion into its territory would “not happen.”

A “strategic error”

These British claims agree with some American information. On Thursday, the United States imposed sanctions on four Ukrainians, including two sitting MPs accused of working with the Russian Secret Service (FSB), citing their “random activities” in Ukraine.

The US Treasury decision targets MPs Taraz Kozak and Oleg Volosh – particularly accused of instructing the FSB to “appoint former and current government officials to take control of the Ukrainian government” – but Volodymyr Sivkovych quoted in a British newspaper. The White House believes an attack could happen “at any time” now.

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss warned Vladimir Putin on Saturday against a “major strategic error” and threatened retaliation with “any Russian military incursion into Ukraine” and “severe costs.”

Already on Friday, Liz Truss, during a visit to Sydney, warned that “aggression will lead to a terrible pitfall and casualties,” urging Russia to increase the conflict in the Soviet Union and Chechnya during the war in Afghanistan.


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