Uber ordered to pay out millions of euros to drivers

Lyon’s labor court has condemned Uber to pay nearly 17 million euros to 139 Lyon drivers, their lawyer, Stéphane Teissier, announced on Friday, January 20. “Today we have taken a pretty historic decision. Uber ordered to renegotiate contracts of 139 drivers »He confirmed the information to a regional newspaper Progress.

The US company has announced its intention to appeal the decision, which it describes as “isolated”. Against the decision taken on November 22, 2022”. “Since the March 2020 court ruling to qualify a driver as an employee, more than 65% of drivers’ claims to qualify as an employee have been unsuccessful”Uber reacted in the columns of Grandstand of Lyon.The decision runs counter to the widely shared position by industrial tribunals and appellate courts, which affirms the freedom of VTC drivers to use the application, specifically that Uber has no job obligation or exclusivity or even determination of drivers’ stay. Completely free in their system of operation”The company continues.

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Rare beliefs

In 2020, 139 VTC drivers from Lyon took legal action to reclassify their contract with Uber as an employment contract. Pronounced prud’hommes, who gave their decision under advisement “Based on the well-established case law of the Court of Cassation of January 2020, the Court of Cassation found that Uber drivers should be considered employees. This is not surprising. It is a logical application of such case law.Esteemed Stephen Daisier.

This is not the first action of its kind brought by VTC drivers. In 2018, Nine of them hit the stage Before the Industrial Tribunal of Paris. In 2019, the US Driver-Passenger Matching Institute Condemned Qualifying a business contract that connected her with a self-employed driver as a contract of employment. First time in France.

However, convictions are rare and it is difficult for VTC drivers to be recognized as employees and benefit from the corresponding social rights.

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