Types of Lathe turret and tooling

Drive units and stations for lathes

Most machine tool builders now have CNC turning centers with live tool option (incl. C-axis) and additional Y-axis in their product line. The drive stations or drive units themselves are often not included in the scope of delivery of the equipment.

The range of AdvaCut drive stations is quite extensive and versatile. Here you can find tools for milling machine https://advacut.ca/tools/ and equipment of world-famous machine tool companies and brands.

Lathes with the ability to carry out milling have occupied a very large niche in the turning tool market. Every year, these machines are gaining more and more momentum, due to the versatility of this type of equipment. If the tasks facing production are suitable for implementation on a turning-milling machine, then the choice is usually made in the direction of such a solution, and not in the direction of two separate ones: a lathe and a milling machine.

Despite this, it cannot be fully stated that the purchase of a turn-mill machine with a Y-axis (or without) is suitable for all tasks.

A driven tool always carries both a number of advantages and a number of limitations.

Advantages of turning and milling machines

The advantages of turning and milling machines include:

  • reduction of production areas
  • reduction of personnel servicing the tool
  • decrease of start-up investments
  • saving time on fixing additional settings on the milling machine
  • strict adherence to tolerances for the mutual arrangement of surfaces (work from one base).

Disadvantages of turning and milling machines

In the use of turning and milling machines, the following disadvantages are distinguished:

  • the complexity of setting up and placing the tool in the revolver
  • difficulties arising in the preparation of Control Programs for parts requiring a large amount of milling work
  • reduction of milling processing modes
  • limitations related to machine strokes and Y-axis

Turning-milling machine: more Lathe or Milling machine?

As practice shows, a lathe should remain primarily a lathe. As the experience of our customers operating lathes with driven tools shows, the loading of milling operations should not exceed 30-40% of the total load of the machine. Otherwise, this approach will be inefficient and not cost-effective, because the direct purpose of the CNC turning center is the processing of rotation bodies.

Turning-milling machine of AdvaCut

The production of AdvaCut stations is located in Italy. Each block has a serial number, which traces the entire life cycle of each station, from the employee who assembled the station to the manufacturer and bearing lot number. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards and offer a 2-year warranty period with no hours limit.

A separate advantage of the company is the maintainability of AdvaCut stations. The company has assembly drawings for all stations, and all used components are numbered and available for order. This technical documentation allows you to determine the failed structural element, to carry out its order and subsequently to repair the drive station.

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