Trump and Biden are warming up their troops ahead of the midterms


AmericaTrump and Biden are warming up their armies ahead of crucial elections

The president and his predecessor spent the last day of the campaign in a meeting. What hope does a Republican tide-turning White House tenant have?

Republicans are hoping for a wave of majorities in Congress and some states.


Joe Biden and Donald Trump are two men each gambling their political futures, and America is about to test the resilience of its democracy again: the race for crucial midterm congressional elections was at home on Monday. to extend. The current and former president must face each other in a series of meetings at the end of a campaign that has starkly exposed the divisions of the first world power.

In a tense environment, with Republican candidates threatening to not recognize a possible defeat, Russia has vented its fire. “We intervened, we do and we will continue to do so. Carefully, precisely, surgically, in our own way,” Yevgueni Prigogine, a Russian businessman close to the Kremlin, said on Monday.

Elon Musk, who took control of Twitter, called himself out loud in the last hour of the campaign, calling to vote Republican: “Decentralization limits the worst, so I recommend voting for a Republican Congress. A Democrat.”

Trump has called on his fans to ‘stay tuned’

Donald Trump’s 2024 bid for president isn’t on Twitter, as the billionaire is scheduled to attend a rally Monday in the industrial Midwest state of Ohio. He knows how to seduce America, the symbol of worries. Sunday, “Four more years!” His supporters, he urged, would “stay tuned” at the meeting on Monday.

On Tuesday, Americans were called to a vote to renew the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. A whole slew of key local elected positions are at stake. Republicans are increasingly confident in their chances of taking out Congress entirely, meaning they can take not only the House of Representatives, a classic “midterm” scenario, but also strip Joe Biden of slim control of the Senate. The party is now apparently dreaming of a “red tide” – the color of the Conservatives.

Kevin McCarthy, the incoming Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, weighed in on CNN on Monday about detailed investigations into Joe Biden’s record, from the withdrawal from Afghanistan to his management of the Covid-19 pandemic to impeachment proceedings.

The President continued to allow

“Midterms” are turned into a vote on the occupant of the White House, which rarely escapes a confirmation vote. In this context, Joe Biden had to repeat, in his last meeting in Maryland on Monday, that this election is not a referendum on his action, but “a choice”, especially on abortion rights and democracy.

Faced with the effectiveness of an inflation-focused Republican campaign, Democrats in recent days have sought to further push for reforms introduced by Joe Biden to lower drug prices and revive industrial employment … but Americans won’t feel it. Effects over the years.

Biden Wants to Reinstate African-American Voters

The president, who tweeted that he would “do whatever it takes to bring down inflation,” accused the opposite camp of being in the pay of big business. For example, through an interview with the highly respected pastor Al Sharpton, he made a last-minute attempt to re-engage African-American voters who played a decisive role in his victory in the White House, but who, according to many activists, he ignored.

Donald Trump, for his part, has bowed to the campaign and given these “midterms” a runoff appearance in 2020, or a warm-up before 2024? Joe Biden has so far said he wants to run again, but his age — soon to be 80 — and his unpopularity have displeased all Democrats at the prospect.


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