True Bangkok received a penalty at 120+2 and lost to Marinos 0-1 and were eliminated from the AFC Champions League round.

Asian Football Competition UEFA Champions League Round of 16, Match 2 True Bangkok United 'Gods' travel to Yokohama F. Marinos at Yokohama International Stadium. Yesterday evening (February 21, 2024)

The first start of the match came in the fifth minute, as the visitors greeted them first with a long-range shot from the left of Ditsado Lemwansathian. After that, the match remained slow for both teams. Until the end of the first half, in the 40th minute, Elber shot wide outside the penalty area. The ball hit the post and fell slightly. There were no additional goals in the remaining time, so the first 45 minutes ended in a 0-0 draw.

Then, in the 78th minute, Anderson Lopez feigned a shot from the left before shooting down the right flank. The ball spins and is about to hit the second post, but Pattawat Khamai makes a wonderful save. It hit the post before the ball bounced and barely hit the home player. There was then no further score, the end of the 90 minutes tied 0-0 and extra time had to be extended for another 30 minutes.

Entering extra time, the local offensive game still looked slow. The match pretended to be decided on penalties and until stoppage time entered, minute 120+2, the locals were awarded a penalty kick. From the moment of Wisar Uemura's hand touch before Andersson Lubitsch takes on the killing mission.

The rest of the time, Bangkok tried to open up and press high, hoping to equalize. But it was not at the right time. At the end of 120 minutes, Yokohama F. Marinos beat True Bangkok United 1-0 and qualified for the quarter-finals.

List of players from both teams

True Bangkok United: Pattawat Khamai (GK), Pirapat Notichaya, Everton Goncalves (M), Manuel Tom Bear (Sophan Tongsong 72), Nitipong Silanont, Rongrat Phomjanthwik, Wiratip Pomphan (Wissarot Imura 95), Detsadi Lemwansathian, Willin Mota, Poklao Annan (Wander Lui 85). ), Mahmud Ed (Chiawat Srinaung, No. 66)

Yokohama F Marinos: William Pope (GK), Carlos Eduardo, Kota Wanatabe (Riko Yamane 89), Elber (Ryo Miyaichi 60), Ta Koya Kida (M), Anderson Lopez, Takuma Kamijima, Rin Kato (Yui Murakami 89), Jean Musteus (Kota). mi). Sonoma 124), Nam Taehei (Jun Amano 60), Taiki Watanabe (Katsuya Nagato 82).

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