Train crash in the Netherlands: A “massive” construction site

The construction site promises to be ‘massive’ in the Netherlands to free a passenger train that was hit by a fatal crash on Tuesday before it partially ends up in the field, rail network company ProRail said on Wednesday. Especially to build a bridge.

A ProRail spokesman said the structure needed to be “strong enough” to place a crane capable of lifting wagons across a channel separating the railway from the field. ‘The carts are on the grass next to the canal and on a narrow path not made for it’.

Dutch media RTL Nieuws reported that the required bridge would weigh between 100 and 200 tonnes.

The crane struck twice

A double-decker train from Leiden to The Hague with about 50 passengers derailed on Tuesday after hitting a crane on the tracks for maintenance on two of its four tracks. The crane collided with an oncoming freight train. This convoy on the tracks was already partially destroyed.

The crane driver was killed and around 30 people traveling in the passenger train were injured. This is the worst train accident in the country in recent years.

“There is massive destruction on the track, the infrastructure is broken, the trains are broken, the interiors of the trains are destroyed,” the spokesman noted. ‘It was a very violent incident. I was really shocked when I got here this morning,” he continued.

A criminal investigation has been opened. Railway authorities and the National Safety Board are investigating the cause of the accident.


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