Toshiba TV launches a new campaign. #MakeVoiceVisible Let’s explore a new dimension of the power of sound.

This is in line with Toshiba TV’s commitment to creating durable models with dynamic audio and visual performance. This makes the Z870 TV stand out as an extension of its heritage.

The recently closed #MakingSoundVisible campaign does more than just present the Toshiba TV Z870 as a home entertainment hub. The campaign is backed by a respected music producer. They showed off the Toshiba Z870 TV. It’s not just a screen. But it’s also a testament to professional sound quality. Interactions on social media during the event revealed the depth of sound and excellent picture clarity available in the latest model.

Toshiba Z870 TV comes packed with features designed to attract a new generation and set them up for success. The Toshiba Z870 TV features Mini-LED technology, which combines deep sound and picture. Helps complete the music creation experience.

As for Dolby Atmos sound technology, it has been installed to deliver vivid sound. Provides a 3D audio experience every note is as powerful and exciting as the producer intended. Complete with REGZA Bass Woofer Pro, designed to fill your music with deep, rich bass sound. We put you in the heart of the live concert. As powerful beats resonate throughout the crowd.

Behind the Toshiba TV Z870’s stunning audio performance is the REGZA Engine ZRi, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which optimizes every decibel for an immersive experience.

Like its well-received predecessors, the Toshiba TV Z870 is equipped with Quantum Dot Color Technology, which creates billions of subtle shades to make everything more vivid. The frame shown is a realistic landscape. Plus, local dimming, Full Array Local Dimming PRO, delivers stunning contrast. And IMAX (IMAX Enhanced) certification to take the picture to the next level. Superior picture quality guaranteed for a cinematic feel.

Beyond the #MakingSoundVisible campaign, the Toshiba TV Z870 also integrates the senses, combining images and sound. Delivering an enhanced immersive experience for enjoying music and enhancing your home entertainment system.

About Toshiba TV

Toshiba TV has over 70 years of history in producing televisions. In the spirit of inventing new things and creativity, the company produced several television models with new features that are considered the first of their kind in the world. Delivering unforgettable experiences and new ways of watching to millions of people around the world with high-quality images.

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