Too cute to resist! Surprise for “Mos Patiphan” tag team “Mabel PiXXiE”! Sending “Romantic Syndrome (M&M Version)” to satisfy people obsessed with love. When you welcome Valentine's Day

Mos Pativan Pattawikarn, father of 90s T-POP artist, after being away from music for 15 years, but he never stops thinking about the music he loves. Until the end of last year, he surprised the audience by releasing a new song called “Romance Syndrome,” for music lovers to miss. So it received a good response. It became a hit song on radio charts across the country. It is the most popular song on TikTok in order to thank all the responses from fans from every generation. Moss, as the brand owner and first artist of Hello Entertainment, would like to send out a special version of the song “Romantic Syndrome (M&M Version)” to welcome the month of love during Valentine's Day. By calling on the new generation of T-POP female artists to be strong and irresistible! Mabel from PiXXiE, whose hits include “Beyond Tang”, “Deja Vu” and “Tid Fon”, adds sweetness and anger to people obsessed with love. The brightness of the song version was perfectly added, and when the 2M singers met, the origin of the name of the M&M version was with the pop song. This adjusts the tempo for a higher beat in the style of Boom Bap, a form of hip-hop.

Mos Battivan said that according to the name of the song “Romantic Syndrome (Romantic Syndrome),” we thought we would find a new generation of artists who use social media. A beautiful person will smile brightly and you will be similar. That you are a favorite book that you can read over and over again, eh! Who is good? So I thought of Mabel from PiXXiE. Before, I went out to eat with my kids and everyone knew Mabel. Then he said that Brother Moss didn't know Mabel? Next, I went to look at my younger sister's social media work. Ah.. this was the person, so I got to know him, and after that I talked to the team about this song, which I wanted to make a new version of. It's kind of a beat with a little bit of percussion. The style is a little hip-hop. Then I thought of little Mabel. So I tried to contact Dome Jaruwat Chiaram, CEO of LIT Entertainment. So I asked if it was free. And Mabel only has one day of free time. This was the first time recording had been done during the day. The whole thing was photographed in one afternoon very talentedly.
“Romantic Syndrome (Romantic Syndrome)” The original version was a bit sweet. When I found out it was Mabel, I modified it to have a beat to jump to. Romantic Syndrome was released in September last year. We thought of doing something special to make it special, M&M style , which is Moss + Mabel, so we made and released it during Valentine's Day. It should be another beautiful love song. Little Mabel sang well and did a good job, making the song bright and the picture very bright.

“Mabel PiXXiE” excitedly revealed that… “It was a good experience working with seniors in the music industry who have been around for a very long time. So I asked the seniors in the camp to help end the line. It could be today. When we worked together it was It's really fun. Since I recorded the song really since I heard the song for the first time. Which is tricky. It's a love song, I love it. Because I'm someone who likes to listen to love songs. In the music part, it's great! There's a lot of music that I like to listen to. “It feels so new now. And it's become another favorite song now. This song is set in the main range that I like to use, and I really like the lyrics. And the music is original and fresh. “And I hope we get the chance to work together again, P'Mos. Honestly, when I found out about the age of P'Mos, it was unbelievable. P'Mos looked older than 30. “The staff kept it exactly as it was when they saw it on TV. It's really great.”

“Romantic Syndrome (M&M Version)” Moss and Mabel wanted this song to represent their feelings in the upcoming month of love. Love can be in all its forms. Listen with your lover, family members or dogs and cats to this romantic “Romantic Syndrome (M&M Edition)” together!

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