Tongtong responded after opening up about his relationship with Sally The Star, but there were pictures of him eating with another girl.

It has become an issue that makes people's legs flutter. For the case of the young hero T Tongtung Kritsakorn Kanukthorn or Tongtung star He went out for an introductory interview, which he studied with the young singer. Sally sumoymala na obon or Sally the star But this time, netizens dug up the photo. Bel Busaya Tangphakorn Banyin Tangphakorn's daughter posted on Facebook. This is a photo of Tongtong sitting and eating with a girl other than the rickshaw when the reporter met Tongtong at the “Diamond Night Pool Party, where she highlighted the fashion with 5,000 million sparkling diamonds” at Khun Chuchai's luxury home. The area is along Ramintra Highway so I asked about this.

I would like to ask about the story of my relationship with Sally. But there are pictures with another girl on Bill Busaya's Facebook?

“Actually, someone sent it to me to take a look at it. I'm not serious about anything. Brother Mabel and I already know each other. And that day was the day I went to eat and Mabel was about to come back. But I walked forward. So I told Brother Mabel isn't coming back yet. Let's go in together again first. So he went for another round. I went to eat and met this person inside and then it was P'Belle who took the pictures. I met P'Bell for the first time “

“I'm not shocked at all. It means that Mabel and I are very close, we're older brothers and sisters with whom I can talk about everything. I had the opportunity to travel abroad with a gang that wasn't just Faye Mabel. Well, we have our own gang that travels abroad, “Especially to Korea, we all know each other. The number of people is the same.”

But the news didn't come out like that?

“Well, sometimes I can't explain what's true and what's not true, for me there's nothing I can do. In the end, people who comment will have likes and dislikes. We can't stop it. Therefore, I can't Anything but let it go. At least we know what it's like. Even Mabel came over and said, 'See, I can only do it this way.'

Is the timing right?

“It's been a long time actually, I've been gone for a very long time. I still don't know that P'Bale took the picture, I didn't know it at all. I found out the day someone sent it to me.”

Should I make peace with Nong Sally?

“Oh, no, I already know. Because that day I already told my younger brother who I met and who I was with.”

Sally came out and replied that it was true. Do you know the people in the photo?

“I saw it. I talk to my younger sister all the time. So I didn't care much about anything. And we already know I'm just telling you a little bit. I don't want to go out and fight something like that. Otherwise some stories wouldn't end sometimes. At least if I got hit In an instant it will be gone. If he leaves, I'm afraid something will affect him again even though the little one has done nothing wrong.

When I was asked if he was affected, it wasn't really that much, I was worried about his feelings. Because you don't have much experience in this field yet. When he had to face something like this I don't know how much he faced. Whether he doesn't tell me again or not, I don't know. So I felt like I didn't want him to go out and fight too much.”

Do you think you will be able to handle this?

“I have confidence that he will be skilled and able to handle this. Because he always tells me that he doesn't care. At least we listen to each other. I often see my younger sister talking. That I don't have to worry. He made us both somewhat comfortable. But in the end I was worried About his feelings.”

This means that there has already been a discussion. We will study the heart. Will we have to face this?

“Yes, I said from the beginning that there would be something like this. But no one knows what the future will be like. But at least we talk about everything. Telling you everything every day, at least I think that's a good thing.”

This means we are already thinking about getting someone. The person who comes to talk to us has to face this?

“Actually, I've already thought about it. I want to try to take him to his destination.”

did you get hurt?

“Maybe in the early days. Which I had before but now the word 'harm' doesn't belong to me anymore. There's only 'worry' more than the people who will have to travel with us. What he had to face was that maybe he'd found something better.” But he chose to go down this path so I was worried about his feelings about the things he had to face along the way so I'm worried here.

Recently, my younger brother came to tell me that there was a fortune teller or fortune teller of some kind who had created a channel and taken my horoscope and horoscope to watch. Then he posted it on social media. It made the younger one feel bad. That is, you can take it and look at it. But I didn't drop it. There will be more comments. There is both good and evil. This is our destiny. But doesn't he have the right to take our things like this?

I didn't go in to listen either but my younger sister came to tell me about it, but in reality no one could see it clearly. As long as he does not know the exact time of our birth. But there's a name and birth date that I googled and looked at, but for me posting it like that might not be appropriate or fit what you're doing. Because it is our destiny. “He hasn't been allowed to watch it yet.”

There are good and bad comments. Did we go to see him?

“Actually, I watch sometimes, but I just skim through it, and I don't really see every comment. We already know what the results are going to be. I don't want to predict anything. I don't want anyone to feel bad. Who is he that day I had to say anyway Right, I have to tell everyone. I don't want to open it up to be a trend. Just feel like people in relationships study each other's hearts, it's a matter of two people. But when we do our job here, we don't want to hide anything because one day, someone will come in and pick it up Pictures of something. I decided to come and listen. I tried to update you guys, but what will happen in the future? I will update with you guys. This is the first place.”

What do you want to say to people who understand and those who don't?

“In fact, those who understand me, I want to thank you very much (raise your hands). At least they are as encouraging as my travel companions. Because I believe that in this profession, if there is no encouragement here, it will not be able to realize its full potential. At least we have Encouragement. Being a fan is someone who understands us and waits for us to walk together to reach the destination. It's good. It's something valuable for me too. For those who don't understand, I can't tell them anything because you can only do the best Nowadays, I probably told the people who didn't understand, one by one, that I was like that, I wouldn't do it.”

And with my younger father, does he understand us?

“Actually, my mother, father and I talk all the time. This is something I am very happy about, very happy that at least people who understand us have parents who listen to us. He still does not judge us for different comments. He makes us open to everything, and we dare to speak up.” About everything, and we tell our parents about the kind of journey we are going to go on. The way we live our lives every day makes us comfortable and it is like a family that makes me feel that I belong and I have nothing to stop me. I live together and I am happy.”

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