Today’s Asian Games program: Thai women’s volleyball encouragement, China semi-finals, jiu-jitsu with hopes of a medal.

The October 6 Asian Games program is competing for 25 gold medals. The Thai women’s volleyball team will compete with the Chinese formation champions in the semi-finals at 6 p.m. The jiu-jitsu team will compete for 3 gold medals, and the Thai national team will compete for 3 gold medals. The national team has a chance to win medals, T SPORTS Channel 7, NBT 2. HD and AIS PLAY broadcast live starting at 8:00 am.

The 19th Asian Games “Hangzhou 2022” in Hangzhou. People’s Republic of China on October 6, 2023, competing for 25 gold medals: karate 4 gold medals, bridge 3 gold medals, jiu-jitsu 3 gold medals, shooting 2 gold medals, rowing 2 gold medals, dragon boating 2 gold medals, weightlifting. 2 gold medals for basketball 1 gold medal for equestrian 1 gold medal for women’s football 1 gold medal for hockey 1 gold medal for swimming marathon 1 gold medal for gymnastics 1 gold medal for rock climbing 1 gold medal.

Daily highlights for Thai athletes are at Japanese wrestling Thailand is sending Panput Khumthaisong in the men’s 77kg category and Orappa Sinatham in the women’s 57kg category, to the field to compete for the medals, being one of the three, starting from the first round from 8:00 am onwards, in the men’s 77kg category. In the women’s 57 kg category, Panput Khumthaisong has a chance to win the silver medal, while in the women’s 57 kg category, Orapa Sinnatham has a chance to win the bronze medal.

While WWomen’s indoor volleyball a teamThai women’s volleyball There is a program for the semi-finals, where he will meet “Dragon Girl”, the former champion for the last time and No. 6 in the world, at six o’clock in the evening.

while maskThe Thai men’s and women’s individual teams and a queue are held in both the first and last rounds and the semi-finals, where the men’s team, Group Two, Thailand, meets the Philippines at 8:00 am, while the women’s team, Group Two, Thailand, meets Myanmar, at 9:00 am. in the morning, then the men’s semi-final at 1:00 pm and the women’s team at 2:30 pm.

With today’s competition on channels T SPORTS 7, NBT 2 HD and AIS PLAY.

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