To Jurgen Klopp, from the heart of a Manchester United child.

1. When Sir Alex Ferguson left his position as Old Trafford's great father, I would have loved for Jurgen Klopp to take over the Red Devils instead.

Because this is the manager who most resembles Khun Pa. Whether it was starting out managing a small team and gradually rising through the ranks before becoming the team he dominated to topple the giants who had monopolized the championship in the league. The fighter's character emphasizes “creation” rather than “purchase,” and his age is similar when controlling, about forty-five kt.

It is unfortunate that the time and timing did not coincide.

2. I really like the “heavy metal” style of play that JK has created for Liverpool.

Press high, press hard. Then he attacked quickly and ferociously. If he had to limit his play, that would be crazy.

The Reds, thanks to the work of this technical director, are football entertainment that creates fun, excitement and suspense for the audience.

3. Jurgen Klopp is a royal manager in my opinion.

The ability to plan and solve games is not light.

Use psychology to motivate and motivate the entire team. Football fans are passionate and crazy

If we look at his quality winning just one Premier League title in a period of almost 9 years is very low.

The reason is that during the same hell or heaven time, sending a skilled player like Pep Guardiola to Manchester City, who have more money than Liverpool.

4. Honestly admit to being a ghost child

The whole time I've been watching Liverpool in the Jurgen Klopp era, viewers at home like me have never been able to breathe.

His team creates suspense. He seriously shakes the nerves of the group by cursing like me. Plus I can't be satisfied. Because dying is harder than Jason from Crystal Lake.

Especially in the Red Hot Battle, which is admittedly quite painful.

So when your sheikh leaves office

So I feel like an “obvious ass”! The word “relief” refers to the happiness in which all karma has ended. At least when watching Liverpool, I won't have to stress as much as before, haha.

5. When Jurgen Klopp is no longer the Reds coach.

I really want to see which team the pétanque manager will manage next. What will this team look like???

Very interesting to follow.

Bonus Track: Although there were a few things that made me hate him as the main antagonist. But I don't want to give an example. And honestly

“Boo boo”

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