Three wounded by bullets in violent clashes in Sweden –

Police in Sweden say three people have been injured in a series of violent clashes between police and protesters on Sunday.

This small group takes pride in burning the Koran during its public meetings. “Police fired several warning shots. Three people appear to have been attacked by rickets and they are currently being treated at a hospital,” police wrote. All three of the injured, whose condition is unknown, have been “arrested and are suspected of a crime”, it said.

This is the second such collision in four days in Norgoping. For the first time, protesters protested against the “Heart Line” protest led by the 40-year-old Danish-Swedish Rasmus Palo and the anti-Islamic group rally.

Violent riot

On Sunday, they demonstrated again with the intent of another rally, finally abandoning it with the Rasmus ball. In Narcoping, four of the approximately 150 people who took part in this “violent riot” were arrested, during which police were pelted with stones and cars set on fire.

According to health services, ten people were hospitalized with minor injuries following the clashes, as well as similar clashes in the neighboring city of Linkoping, where the “Heart Line” dropped a demonstration.

Ahead of the Legislative Assembly election

The two-nationalist Rasmus Balutan, who has not yet received the necessary signatures to run in the Swedish assembly elections in September, is currently on a “tour” in Sweden, where he is burning in areas heavily populated by Muslims. The Quran is there.

In 2019, this trained lawyer, convicted of racist insults, had already tested his luck in his native Denmark, where he collected only 10,000 votes.

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He is also a YouTube user and has been involved in a number of incidents in recent years. In 2019, he burned a Quran wrapped in pork and was blocked by Facebook for a month after posting a photo combining immigration and crime.

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