Threats – Japan tightens sanctions on Pyongyang after missile launch


Even after China and Russia refused to strengthen sanctions against North Korea, Tokyo continues to raise its tone following the launch of its missile.

This photo was published by the official news agency North Korea.

This photo was published by the official news agency North Korea.


Japan announced new sanctions on North Korea on Friday following the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile last week following Washington’s calls for tough international action against Pyongyang.

Japan has already imposed a trade embargo on North Korea and is barring it from entering Japanese ports as part of a unilateral embargo against Pyongyang, but on Friday it will appoint four teams and nine people involved in nuclear and missile development.

Property freeze

Japanese government spokesman Hirokasu Matsuno told reporters that these companies and individuals would be “subject to property freezing”. Tokyo’s action comes after China and Russia refused to tighten sanctions on Pyongyang, following Korea’s launch of a nuclear – armed northern ICBM missile at Washington’s request to the UN Security Council last week.

On March 24, North Korea successfully launched its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), a Hwasong-17, dubbed the “Monster Missile”, but US and South Korean intelligence agencies decided it was actually the Hwasong-15. Low Advanced ICBM already tested in 2017.

However, the missile ‘s test shooter provoked Japan’s anger, and the missile fell into its exclusive economic zone.


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