This young girl gave up everything to live as a puppy


In Texas, Jenna Phillips has made a tough career choice: she wants to live like a full-time dog. Thanks to social networks, it brought him a little wealth.

Jenna Phillips decided to live like a puppy. Something to surprise passersby a little, seeing that she was attached by a stick

Tic Tac Toe Screenshot

At 21, Jenna gave up everything to become a full-time puppy. The optician has chosen to live like this Texan dog.

Jenna Phillips, also known as “Thepuppygirljenna” on TikTok, quits her job and spends her days on all fours. He won 830,000 euros and filmed his adventures for his subscribers.

Seen more than 17 million times (!) In the Dictok video, Jenna can be seen crawling on the floor with a strap around her neck. Passing another dog-woman tied to the fence, she barks!

“I feel like a dog. I love to go around, play catch, scratch my head, run and play. I’m always played a puppy (…) I really like compliments. Likes.It melts my heart every time.

To conclude: “Now when I think about it, I realize it has always been. I did not know there was a scene, I just thought it was my personality. “

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