THG established “TH Health Pharma” pharmacy to expand the customer base of private hospitals.

Daily Manager 360 – THG has created a new company “TH Health Pharma” to enter the pharmacy market. Starting with the first branch, Serivage Hospital Chanthaburi plans to open a second branch in CW Ratchada Tower in 2024, with the aim of expanding its client base to include several private hospital groups in the future. Meanwhile, third-quarter results remained in line with target, with revenue of 2,725 million baht and net profit of 356 million baht.

Dr Thanathip Suvapradit, CEO of Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited or THG, revealed that THG sees an opportunity for growth in the pharmacy space. This is because the demand for medicines and medical supplies among the Thai people continues to expand. This is in line with the behavior that has increased interest in studying health care, both preventive and self-treatment. Therefore, “TH Health Pharma” drug store was opened to distribute medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, medicines, cosmetics and medical equipment. Ready to provide advice by pharmacist The first branch was piloted at Serivage Hospital, Chanthaburi, and opened in early November 2023 and plans to open another branch during 2024 at CW Tower, Ratchada District.

“TH Health Pharma Pharmacy is operated under TH Health Company Limited, a subsidiary of THG, which was established to support hospital operations in the network. Both in purchasing medicines and medical supplies for use in hospitals, including plans to expand the customer base,” said Dr Thanathip. To include many private hospital groups in the future.

As for THG’s operating results for the third quarter of 2023, total income reached 2,725 million baht, while net profit reached 356 million baht, if income related to Covid-19 is not taken into account. It was found that income in the field of medical services only grew. Combined with effective cost management, gross profit margin increased by 2% over the same period last year, and THG’s overall performance for the nine-month period of 2023 achieved total revenue of 7,748 million baht and net profit of 757 million baht.

Dr Thanathip said that the outlook for the last quarter of 2023 is that the hospital business is expected to continue to grow. Especially hospitals at the secondary level, whether in Bangkok or in the region, where THG has brought technology to raise the quality of service and ease of access to treatment for a greater number of patients, for example in the third quarter of last, Telehe Alt Care Co., Ltd. launched, It is a subsidiary of THG, “Prompt Care” app can provide online health consultations regarding 1.Tele-Medicine. For examination and treatment of general diseases, a team of specialist doctors at THG in 16 fields such as internal medicine, surgery, abdominal surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, paediatrics, gastroenterology, cancer, etc. are ready to provide services. Holistic healthcare consultant, such as designing and recommending vitamins suitable for each individual. Delivered to your home by a medical expert 3. Consulted an online pharmacist and it was found that there was a good response.

While Thonburi Sermrath Co., Ltd. (formerly Thonburi Hospital Heart Centre) Specialized cardiac medical center services in collaboration with government hospitals. It has more than doubled the number of beds for heart patients over the past nine months. Recently, we cooperated with the Central Motor Vehicle Accident Victim Protection Corporation Limited to open the Thonburi Clinic. The first government annex in Phuket under the name “Head Morning Clinic” for patient care. The Accident Law in Phuket Province increases access to treatment for citizens with all their rights

As for the progress of THG’s overseas investments, the performance of Ar Yu International Hospital in Myanmar in the last quarter was found to have achieved the highest performance since opening and it is believed that it will continue to do so well. Because it is currently recognized as a hospital providing services of international standards, while Vietnam, after investing in the BeWell Wellness Clinic in-depth health screening service center in Ho Chi Minh City is expected to be opened for service during the second quarter of 2024.

In order to raise the quality and service standards of hospitals in the THG network to be on par with the international level, we continue to obtain international standards accreditation from AACI (American Accreditation Commission International). Currently, there are 4 hospitals that have achieved certification according to these standards, including Thonburi Hospital. Thonburi Thawe Wattana Hospital, Thonburi Borana Hospital and Thonburi Thong Song Hospital

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