“Theptai” predicts that “Yingluck” will return to Thailand after August 22, hoping to leave her time to avoid being ugly.

Former MP of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Mr. Thepthai Senphong posted on Facebook, Thepthai Senphong-Political Talk, that after 22 August 2024, Ms. Yingluck returned to Thailand.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) voted unanimously 9 to 0 to dismiss former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and six others accused of facilitating corruption after the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Persons in Political Office voted unanimously 9 to 0. A clear signal is the plan 'Building Thailand's Future Thailand 2020' and the cancellation of the arrest warrant against Yingluck Shinawatra. Ms. Yingluck will return to Thailand Mr. It follows the same guidelines as Thaksin's which is pre-directed and not difficult to do. If we compare the punishment Mr. Half and half between Thaksin and Kun Yingluck is different

Mr. Thaksin was sentenced to a total of 10 years in prison by the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Persons in Political Office in three cases, and the Supreme Court ordered the net sentence be reduced to 8 years, while Ms. Yingluck was sentenced to 5 years in the rice pawning case. Mr. Thaksin actually received only 1 year sentence, it remains to be seen how many years Ms. Yingluck will actually serve? Mr. Thaksin never spent a single day in jail. There must be a way for Ms. Yingluck not to spend a single day in jail.

Now the situation is more Mr. Thaksin Ban was released from prison in Sang Tsang Law. Ordering is very convenient. Thailand is preparing to welcome Ms Yingluck back but if it is as comfortable and smooth as possible Ms Yingluck is likely to return after Mr Thaksin is released from prison. That is, after 22 August 2024 it will leave Mr Thaksin flexible and comfortable in co-ordinating, giving orders and inviting anyone to meet to create terms to support Ms Yingluck so as not to be the target of unblinking media and public attention.

However, looking at the whole context it can be concluded that after 22 August 2024 Ms. Yingluck returns to Thailand, leaving her for a while. He won't spend another day in jail so as not to be too ugly. But it remains to be seen which approach to use.

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