“Thee Yot” breaks record for Thai film with highest opening gross of the year, 39 million baht.

Creating excitement for the Thai film industry once again. When the movie Teeyod was released on the first day, it broke the record for being the biggest debut of 2023 with a national income of 39 million baht.

It is also the first Thai film to be shown in IMAX, and set the highest opening record for IMAX Thailand this year, with over 10,000 viewers purchasing tickets, very special on Friday and Saturday (October 27-28, 2023). ) Get to know IMAX with the 24-hour Ratchayothin Laser Tour, with the last tour at 4:00 AM. Join in supporting Thai films. And join in the horror proof with the mysterious, haunting sounds of #TeeYod night today on the giant IMAX screen and regular system in movie theaters.

The story of Tee Yod takes place in the year 1972. The most terrifying event occurs. A young girl in a remote village in Kanchanaburi province dies under mysterious circumstances. News of the girl’s horrific death spread quickly. Meanwhile, after Yak was released from the hospital, he returned to help at home on the orders of his father, Yak’s younger sister, Yad. She senses a mysterious danger creeping into the village when her younger sister, Yam, begins to show strange symptoms.

After encountering a mysterious woman in black while returning from school, Yam’s condition gradually deteriorates with unanswerable strange actions, the conclusion of the legendary story. A woman dressed in black comes with a “ti-ud” sound, a horror that there is no way to deal with. The terror that creeps into this family for no reason. The giant must do everything he can to recover from his strange condition. Help the family survive the terrifying sounds of the night…

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