The world condemns the new Israeli attack on Gaza. 7 aid workers were killed

The Israeli leader said in a video statement: It is a shame that in recent days there have been tragic incidents in which the Israeli army “harmed” non-militants in the Gaza Strip. “Unintentionally” he confirmed that as well

“This can happen in times of war. We are continuing our investigations and communicating with various government agencies. We will do everything we can to prevent something like this from happening again.”

The world “cannot accept” the condemnation of Israel.

Mr. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States, which has always been a country allied with Israel. He called for a rapid investigation into this incident. White House National Security Council spokesman Adrian Watson said the United States was “heartbroken” to hear this news, adding that humanitarian workers must be protected while transporting aid to those in need. He added, “The United States urges the Israeli authorities to conduct an immediate investigation into this incident.”

Mr Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia said on Tuesday (April 2) that Lal Saomi “Summy” Frankcom is an Australian citizen. He was one of the WCK officials killed in the Israeli attack, and said Australia expected to be held responsible for the attack. Which is a tragedy “This should not have happened and cannot be accepted.”

Hamas, the main target of Israeli attacks, issued a statement condemning Israel over the recent attack that killed seven WCK officials, saying the attack was aimed at “acts of terrorism” against aid workers and preventing officials from carrying out humanitarian work.

“We call on the international community. The United Nations Security Council has condemned this atrocity. And to work to end Israeli crimes and attacks against the people of Gaza.”

Just one day earlier (April 1), the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, was destroyed in an airstrike, killing several Iranian diplomats and military personnel. This is what Iranian and Syrian media reported, and the attack was the work of Israel. This is clearly an escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

Israel's actions Mr. Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, came out to state that Mr. Guterres condemns Israel's actions in attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Capital of Syria,” the Secretary-General reaffirms respect for diplomatic principles and the protection of the consulate and its employees in accordance with international law.

Iran vowed to respond harshly to Israel because of its losses this time. The news report mentioned that among the dead was Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the Supreme Commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

In the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said: 71 people were killed in Gaza in Israeli attacks. While the total number of infected people reached 102.

In addition, if the war between Israel and Hamas begins on October 7, 2023, and Israel launches an attack on the Gaza Strip to attack Hamas' base of operations. The war resulted in the deaths of 32,916 people in the Gaza Strip, and the injury of 75,494 others.

On March 25, the UN Security Council passed “Resolution 2728” (which received 14 votes in support, while the United States abstained). Without exercising veto power) he called for a ceasefire in Gaza during the Islamic month of fasting. He demanded the unconditional release of the hostages and urgent opening of the way for the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza to provide relief to Palestinians starving due to the war. But it is clear that Israel has not taken such a decision. It continues to launch its attacks on the Gaza Strip until now.

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