The win over Liverpool did not leave Luis Diaz walking alone.

If we were Luis Diaz, we probably wouldn’t have the courage to do anything.

Which even if he didn’t have tonight’s game on his mind. No one will dare criticize him.

Liverpool FC stand with the Colombian star by considering his feelings first.

His teammates cheered through the sweat on the turf.

The staff sends encouragement through broadcasts to the football players.

“The Kop” still supports him as well.

Jurgen Klopp talks to the BBC about Luis Diaz

“Obviously we made changes later. Due to personal circumstances related to Luis Diaz.”

“It’s a worrying situation for all of us. It’s been a difficult night.”

“I had never experienced anything like this before. It was a new experience that I did not want at all.”




In the middle of the first half, Liverpool controlled the ball almost from one side, but Forest had such a deep wall that it was difficult to find opportunities to penetrate.

However, they saw an opportunity for the move to pay off.

Starting with Alexis Mac Allister, ending with Diogo Jota and passing the goal to his teammate Luis Diaz.

The second child also had a successful counterattack and this time Darwin Nunez put himself on the scoreboard.

It was the first 45 minutes in which Liverpool were in complete control of everything. Both game photos and results

Spreading more space means increasing your chances of beating a deep defensive line.

Dominik Subozlai, Ryan Grafenberg, Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah communicated very smoothly.

As for Mecca, if they continue to play like this, it will be enhanced if it is a match where the opponent is not very strong. Does a smooth job.

However, from this match in which he received a yellow card, the next match against Luton, if he receives another match against Brentford, the blue and white midfielder will be sidelined due to his suspension (5 yellow cards in total).

The third goal came from another transition. The blame lies squarely with Matt Turner, but if Subozlai had not been quick-witted, Salah would not have scored in this game.

Throughout 45 minutes, Liverpool clearly decided the match.

Don’t rush, don’t rush, play with restraint. Doesn’t waste a lot of energy.

This is important right now for the Football League in the long term.




Klopp, who officiated more than 1,000 matches in 22 years, said of Diaz: “This preparation was the hardest thing in my life.”

“We are all praying that everything will be okay. The only thing we can do is fight for our brothers and sisters. And that is what they did.”

When he heard about the family’s kidnapping late Saturday night, Diaz was still staying at the Titanic Hotel. Along with his other colleagues

After speaking with the German President, it was agreed that Diaz would return to his home to be with his girlfriend, Gera Pons, and their young daughter.

“We sent our people to live with him. He sent someone to help take care of them,” Klopp further explained.

“His family members were there too. It makes them want to be together during this time. Understandable.”

“Then we heard the news about his mother. (The news that Diaz’s mother was found) is very happy news.”

“But after that there’s been no further news at all. They’re dealing with it.”

“But what happened is so far from here (that Liverpool did not get much information about the developments).”

“Of course we are not the first to receive this information. But we try to be as knowledgeable about everything as we can.”

“At the same time, we try not to disturb the work of officials.”

“We are not the group that this issue is focused on. We just want to help.”

After being rested for the Europa League match, it is clear that Diaz will return to the starting lineup in the league match.

His withdrawal led to Jota stepping up and becoming a real person

After scoring the first score, the Portuguese striker then ran to the bench. He received the number 7 jersey from Adrian and held it up to express his feelings to his Colombian teammates.

“It’s a very difficult situation. And I don’t know what anyone would do if that happened to you.” Jota revealed this feeling.

“Actually, he will play. But I played for him. I lifted his shirt to show that we are on his side. I hope everything goes well.”

“It is impossible to imagine that such a situation would happen. We can only support him and show him that we are with him.”

Jota lives next door to Diaz in Crosby, as do Adrian and Nuñez, who recently moved there.

Diaz, nicknamed “Lucho” by his friends, is very popular among his teammates. This news made everyone very sad.

“How do you make a game of football matter on a day like this? It’s very difficult to do,” Klopp said.

“In my life I have never faced such a difficult situation before.”

“Football matches are usually a place of comfort for me. Sometimes I use it as a refuge, both as a player and as a coach.

“In 90 minutes you can really focus on the game of football. But today it is impossible to do that.”

“It was very clear that we had to take this match seriously and fight for Lucho, and then my team showed me this special shirt.”

“I’m not prepared for something like this. It’s a sad state of affairs. But at the same time, what happened was also very wonderful.”

During the match, the Kop chanted Diaz’s name over and over again, and Dominik Subozlai summed it up best with the words:

“No one in our group should walk alone, Louis.”


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