The war in Ukraine – the incredible contradiction of this comedy scene with Zhelensky


In the episode of his satire series, the actor still joked about Ukraine joining the European Union.

When he was a comedian, Volodymyr Zhelensky produced the satirical political series “Servant of the People”. The actor played the role of the principal teacher of Ukraine in condemning corruption. The series, which began in 2015, ended three seasons later in 2019, when Zhelensky actually ran for president.

On Tuesday, a scene from the film “People’s Servant” reappeared on social media, echoing the current situation. In this passage, the character of Vasil Petrovich Holoporotko receives a phone call from Angela Merkel. “We have decided to annex your country to the European Union,” the German chancellor told him. Excited by the news, the President responds: “Thank you very much. We have been waiting for the Ukrainians and our entire country for so long!”

Angela Merkel realized she had made a mistake and wanted to call the president of Montenegro. Disappointed, Vasil Petrovich hung up on Holoporodko and shouted, “Shit Putin!” Today, a scene that takes on a terribly paradoxical hue. On Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelensky made a strong appeal to the MEPs gathered in Brussels, calling for his country’s integration into the EU “without delay” following the Russian invasion.

Discovered by a German entrepreneur on Tuesday, the show was viewed nearly 5 million times until Wednesday afternoon.


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