The war between Russia and Ukraine shows signs of intensifying in 2024

The war in Ukraine has raged again with Vladimir Putin winning the elections to become president of Russia for a fifth term. The West has warned that it will turn the conflict into World War III if it tries to intervene. Send troops to Ukraine Ukraine to help in the conflict.

This signal makes the world watch the ferocity of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict this year. Assistant Professor Dr. Kitsada Bromwick said Faculty of Political Science, Department of International Relations, Ramkhamhaeng University

This war has entered its third year. “Ukraine” It still receives support from the West and the United States. Go ahead and respond “Russia” It continued after seizing important strategic areas at many points, especially the city of Avdiivka, which is only 20 kilometers away from the Donetsk region. “It's a border town.” Possible contact and penetration into other regions of Ukraine.

like “Odessa and Nikolaev” It is the center of Western military equipment repair factories. He is still able to advance and attack. “Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson.” which can still only be partially captured

Because Russia is recently in the election period. As a result, the battle could not be fought completely. “Put it in” He achieved a landslide victory in the elections. “Come back in a new way to attack Ukraine.” Using long-range guided weapons and drones. Destruction missiles to reduce losses by stationing soldiers at points seized from Ukraine.

It can be observed from the last period. “Russia” Focus on using more modern weapons as well. “FAB-1500” It was a 1.5-ton weapon dropped from an aircraft to attack the Ukrainian front line. Causing serious damage

Also used “Thermal or vacuum bomb”. Which is fired from a rocket or artillery shell to disperse fuel spray. The charge exploded, causing a large spark. As a result, foreign mercenaries who came to fight in Ukraine suffered many losses. Some people give up more and more.

In reality “State of Russia” The goal of occupation is limited to a specific area. People of “Russian origin” include Carson, Crimea, Mariupol, Donetsk, Donbass, Luhansk, Odessa, and Mykolaiv, but in the western part of Ukraine ethnic groups are often found. If Russia takes control, it could lead to resistance to the point of being unable to control the government.

But the reason Russia has intensified its attacks in a new round.” Because they want to cause as much damage as possible to Ukraine. To show the power of weapons to Western countries, Russia still possesses many weapons of mass destruction. They both address the allegations “Russia uses weapons to fight” Until there is little left to create fake news.

Assistant Professor Dr. Kitsada Bromwick
Assistant Professor Dr. Kitsada Bromwick

It's still virtual. “Threats from NATO and Western countries” In the event that preparations to send troops to Ukraine to support the fight against Russia were even the source of the issue “Put it in” This should declare Russia willing to use nuclear weapons if NATO officially sends its forces to Ukraine as well.

To send soldiers there were only a few countries that supported it, such as Lithuania, Poland and Finland, but large countries such as Italy and Germany did not agree to it because they were worried that it would make the war more violent. “World War 3” The full version is easier to follow.

For the time being, Russia has turned a blind eye to the conflict with Ukraine. “But it is a conflict with NATO.” Therefore, the more troops and weapons are sent to help Ukraine, the more chances Russia has to destroy it.

If you look back at the beginning “War in Ukraine” The Russian military is moving hypersonic missiles. Or faster than the speed of sound “Kaliningrad” To strengthen the buffer zone near EU member states. And NATO, so Lithuania is trying to prevent this, for fear that Russia will expand its front line to this side as well.

Make use of excuses “Punitive measures” To prevent Russia from transporting military personnel and ammunition by train through the Suwalki Strait to Kaliningrad. To force them to use the boat route instead but in the end, it cannot be banned because “Russia” Advertisement If the Suwalki Strait is blocked “Ready to start the war” This makes NATO very concerned about this matter.

Next thing “The path to ending the war in Ukraine” As much as following the news “Russia” They are trying to open the way for peace negotiations. Just to return all the occupied territories to it “Ukraine” According to the demands, it would be impossible. When this is the case, consider it “Put it in” There must be a plan to overthrow the government. Volodymyr Zelensky. This is the Ukrainian president

This signal can be picked up from “Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia” A close associate of Putin once said this “Maybe Russia should take Kiev.” This makes it possible to conclude that perhaps Russia's next plan is to seize Kiev. To form a new government and push Mr. Zelensky's government into a government-in-exile instead

To defeat the board of directors in not having to pay the debt. “Western countries and the United States” It was delivered for use in the war with today's Russia. “It is a debt owed to the old leader.” Now the United States has a new focus on providing assistance to them “Israel” In the fight against Hamas, the Houthis and Iran.

Not just recently “The Congress” New $60 billion in bailout funds were also not approved “Ukraine” In this regard, Mr. Zelensky faces a rather serious situation.

Next comes this issue. “War affects the global economy” Of course, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will lead to higher oil prices, inflation, and higher daily food prices around the world. “Thailand” And now it's starting to appear. “The Russian and Ukrainian peoples” He came to stay and create more influence in the southern region and Pattaya, Chonburi province.

As for the impact on “The cost of living in the economy is rising.” In particular, there is a shortage of wheat, which is a component of the human diet such as processed foods. Instant food, ready-to-eat food and animal feed prices rise because businessmen have to face “Short supply problem” Competition to buy wheat from other sources drives prices up.

Hence the consequences of the conflict “Russia and Ukraine” This causes the price of wheat to rise and continues to affect the food prices that consumers have to pay. Both meat after the rise in the prices of animal feed or instant noodles and bread at the price of wheat, and the rise in prices of alternative grains exacerbates inflation. The purchasing power of families is fragile.

But as the battle enters its third year, some can only adjust their lives to suit the situation. “The war between Israel and Hamas” Coming to worsen the global economy, especially the Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, which are likely to prolong and expand. “Cape of Good Hope” To put pressure on the United States, Britain ended Israeli military operations against Gaza.

Resulting in freight rates and risk insurance premiums have increased. The travel distance was further delayed.

Finally something worth seeing “US Elections 2024” It is another solution to end the war between Russia and Ukraine as well “Donald Trump” Running for President of the United States along with announcing that they will not send aid money to Ukraine. “If we win the US elections” To speed up the end of the war with Russia

In this case, it wasn't as smooth as expected “Donald Trump” Declaration of transition to trade war with “China” For example, increasing tariffs on cars produced by Chinese companies in Mexico to 100% to protect the American auto industry would mean “The Russian-Ukrainian war can be ended” Instead, it turned into an intense trade war.

This is something to watch since Putin won the elections by a landslide and has become the consensus of the Russian people. “We agree on a way forward in the war in Ukraine,” he said, noting that in 2024 the battle for change is likely to be fierce. Ukrainian leaders end this long-running war.

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