The vaccine reduces Govt infection

According to a joint study by HUG and the University of Geneva, the vaccine greatly reduces the risk of SARS-Cove-2 infection. Those who have been vaccinated three times against Govt are not only better protected against severe forms of the disease, they are also less susceptible to infection.

To determine the extent of the infection, measure the viral load of the infected individuals. For example an essential study to determine isolated periods. Samples of nearly 600 patients infected with the original virus, Delta and Omigran variants were analyzed. As a result, with delta variation, two doses are sufficient to reduce infection, but omigran requires three.

The vaccine is effective in controlling the incidence but not the spread.

Another observation was that at vaccination, the viral load in the upper respiratory tract was significantly lower with omicron than in delta. Omigron, therefore, is not highly contagious by virus load, but rather by a highly efficient cell penetration mechanism.

It remains to be seen whether the effectiveness of vaccines will be the face of a new variant over time and in particular.

Less severe forms, less contagious, but researchers are still wary and submissive in the face of the virus that presents many mysteries.

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