The Thai stock market closed 12.87 points lower, and US bond yields rose, due to concerns about domestic factors.

The Thai stock market closed 12.87 points lower, and brokers noted that US bond yields were under pressure. Investors are concerned about local factors, valuing tomorrow's movement frame at 1,340-1,360 points.

The Thai stock market index closed today (May 29) at 1,349.83 points, down 12.87 points or down 0.94%. The trading value of 44,138.94 million baht during the day rose to a high of 1,363.96 points and fell to a low of 1,349.83 points. 1,349.83 points broken down by investor type Local institutions sold a net 89.00 million baht, securities firms bought a net 276.09 million baht, foreign investors sold a net 3,562.44 million baht, and general investors in the country bought a net 3,375.34 million baht.

Mr. Wathan Jetsomnoike, Director of Strategic Analysis at Pye Securities, revealed that the SET INDEX today is mostly oscillating in the negative territory. Assessing the pressure factors resulting from the increase in US government bond yields. This is because the United States announced better than expected economic numbers, such as real estate prices. And consumer confidence

Meanwhile, political factors in the country are unclear after 40 senators filed a lawsuit against the Prime Minister. The court accepted the matter for consideration and as a result, investors are concerned about government management. Especially the various stimulus policies by the government because the Thai economy was in the past under great pressure. From government investment

Tonight there are no important factors to monitor.

For tomorrow's trend (May 30), the SET index is expected to move within a range of 1340-1360 points.

The securities with the highest trading value are 5 securities

PTT's trading value reached 2,737.71 million baht, closing at 32.75 baht, down 0.25 baht.
Trading value reached 2,405.23 million baht, closing at 23.70 baht, an increase of 3.90 baht.
CPALL had a trading value of 2,163.21 million baht, closing at 56.75 baht, down 1.50 baht.
AOT's turnover reached 1,620.59 million baht, closing at 63.50 baht, down 1.25 baht.
The mint's turnover was 1,383.90 million baht, closing at 31.25 baht, down 1.00 baht.

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