The Thai people, who are considered a model of honesty, integrity and justice, were invited to attend the meeting. World Anti-Corruption 2023

Professor Wecha Mahakon, President of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Rangsit University was invited by the International Strategy Institute to attend the Global Anti-Corruption Conference 2023 on 16 November 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Along with two other faculty members, the Deputy Dean of the College of Law and Academic and Administrative Affairs

In discussing the topic:
“Diverse viewpoints and cooperation in the fight against corruption”
United views against corruption! 🤝

There were members from Myanmar, Brunei, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Japan.

As for S. Wicha, I had the honor of presenting the idea at Panal 4: where S. Wicha spoke about establishing an anti-corruption foundation in Thailand. To unite forces between homes, temples, schools and citizens in the community. To fight corruption and at the same time established the Thailand Anti-Corruption Institute.
From Rangsit University the Office of the President was informed to create an educational curriculum for the civil society sector. The Master’s degree is for Anti-Corruption Studies which provides intellectual weapons to the higher education sector that combines strength to create profound knowledge examining the use of state power in accordance with the principles of good governance.

📌First session: Law enforcement regarding prevention and persecution
➡️ His Excellency Kyaw Win Thein, Commissioner of the Myanmar Anti-Corruption Commission
➡️Mr. Muhammad Sukri HJ Arifin, Senior Special Investigator, Corruption Prevention Section, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Brunei Darussalam
➡️Mrs. Hoiri Kim, Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), South Korea
📌Second session: Strengthening global governance mechanisms
➡️Dr. Laud M. Syarif, CEO, Chemitran Indonesia
➡️Mr. Soh Kee Hin, Associate Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
➡️Mr. Mick Simons, Managing Director, Anti-Corruption Advisory Australia (ACCA)

📌Third session: Preventing the misuse of laws to evade accountability
➡️Mr. Haji Jais Abdul Karim, Chairman of the Malaysian Corruption Watchdog (MCW)
➡️Dr. Chanroyun Ba, President of the Cambodian Institute for Democracy (CID)
➡️Mr. Eduardo Valera Bringas, former Deputy Director General of the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA), Philippines
📌Fourth session: Combating government corruption: ensuring accountability for clean governance
➡️Mr. Tsutomu Hiraishi, Committee Officer, Anti-Bribery Commission of Japan (ABCJ)
➡️Prof. Visha Mahakoon, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Foundation

The meeting gained extensive knowledge on law enforcement and good governance.
The world, legal examination and fighting corruption to pave a clean path and better inspections in the future. Thank you to all the experts who shared their opinions that will force the world to be free from corruption in the future.

🌍 Their vision on law enforcement, global governance, legal accountability, and combating government corruption paves the way for a cleaner, accountable future. 👏 Thanks to our global experts for guiding us towards a world free of corruption! 🌟
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