The Thai national futsal team won the NSDF Championship, with Sobawot scoring a thrilling hat-trick, exacting revenge on Australia in heartbreaking fashion.

The NSDF Futsal Championship Thailand 2024 will be contested in the 4,000-seat gymnasium, Nonthaburi Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium, on Thursday 28 March 2024, the final day of the final round. “The Elephant Futsal War”, the Thai futsal team, with 6 points from 3 matches, met with Australia, which also got 6 points from 3 matches, and when the two teams met in the first match, it seemed that Australia won the futsal, Thailand 4-3.

The atmosphere of Thai football fans in this game is very lively. Visitors exceeding the capacity of nearly half a thousand people were honored by Colonel Thongchai Yinprasert, Mayor of the Nonthaburi Provincial Administrative Organization, along with Dr. Adisorn Chikupet, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Advisor to the President of the Thai National Futsal Team, Mr. Adisak Penjasiriwan. Vice President of the Football Association, Mr. Suthin Boatom, President of the Thai National Futsal Team, as well as Air Chief Marshal Surasak Maimane, Chairman of the competition organiser.

Miguel Rodrigo, the Thai futsal coach, sent the first 5 players to make up the starting team, namely Aros Senpat, the goalkeeper of Black Pearl United, along with 3 veterans Apiwat Chiemcharoen from Blue Wave Chonburi, Jerawat Sunwiechian, the team captain from Thammasat Stallions, and Suphawut Thuklang from The team is led by Blue Wave Chonburi and Alongkorn Chanporn from Port Authority ASM.

On the side, Mike Downie, the coach of Australia, put the first 5 players: Aaron Yeo, goalkeeper, Dominic Cox, Jordan Guerrero, Sherwin Adell, the team captain, and Ethan Demelo.

In the first half, the second Thai futsal team had the opportunity to finish the score, as Apiwat Chimcharoen pressed wide outside the penalty area, the ball flew slightly wide, and in the fifth minute Miguel Rodrigo started to switch the second sets, Narongsak Wongwon and Therdsak Charoen. Worasak Srirangpairoj 3 Prasan from Tha Kham Cold Storage and Panas Kittiphanuwong from Blue Wave Chonburi

The Thai Futsal Team VII scored a goal from Teodsak Charounphong's kick in the joint, giving the Thai Futsal Team a 1-0 lead. Just a minute later, the 8th Thai Futsal Team received a free kick from long range, the goal went down and Sovaut Thuan Klang pressed right. Helping Thai Futsal escape 2-0.

Thailand is sending three teams: ASM Port Authority's Ethitcha Prabhavan, Black Pearl United's Pichayut Kittiphanwong, Blue Wave Chonburi's Sarawot Phalabruk, and Athiphon Moon and Tha Kham Cold Storage's Fly.

Eleventh-placed Australia had a chance to break the egg from Grand Lynch's missed shot, but the ball kept flying over the crossbar, and the No. 13 Thai Futsal team were awarded a throw-in, which Apiwat Chiemcharoen lifted over the goal for Suba, and Wout Thuklang sent a shot into the joint. Thai futsal ends 3-0

A minute later, in the 14th minute, Thailand's fast ball was effective again, as Jerawat Sonwishian opened from the right flank to the second post, Alunkorn Chanporn calmly raced, and Thai Futsal left a 4-0 lead in the 15th minute, a Thai attacking match. It was still going strong The full set: Apiwat Chiemcharoen pays for Panas Ketifaniwong. He struck with his left hand in front of the goal, much to the delight of the crowd, and the Thai futsal team took a 5-0 lead into the first half.

In the second half, the Australian national team hoped to return to the match with a chance to break the egg. In the 28th minute, Sarawut Valafroik put pressure on Michael Kota inside the penalty area. The referee called a penalty kick and went to see VS and confirmed that the goal was and the penalty shootout took place as usual before the Australian national team captain, Shoen Adele, committed. Any mistake, and Australia wins over the Whites and advances 1-5.

Minute 31, the Thai futsal match returns again. He scored the sixth goal, as Jerawat Wichian taught to run to the left and Alunkorn Chanporn stretched to the right a moment before he crushed and disappeared, and Thailand Futsal took a 6-1 lead.

In 33rd place, Australia had a chance to score a goal with a wonderful shot from Wade Giovanelli, but still had to save Aros Senbat, who made great saves in this match at least 10 times. In 35th place, Australia still does not give up easily. Giovinali dived in a horseshoe to put Australia within 2-6.

Just one minute later, 36th minute Panas Kittivanwong added a brace of his own to help the Thai futsal team lead 7-2 at 38. Australia lost 6 fouls, and were awarded a second penalty, which was scored by Suphawut Thwanklang. It was Souvoot's hat-trick in this match that helped Thai Futsal lead 8-2.

In the last minute, the 39th Thai Futsal Team scored the ninth goal through Athiphong Monplay, helping the Thai Futsal Team beat Australia 9-2 to win the NSDF Futsal Championship Thailand 2024, as runner-up.

While Australia won third place, Afghanistan, over Malaysia 3-2. The closing ceremony was honored by Colonel Thongchai Yanprasert, Mayor of the Nonthaburi Provincial Administrative Organization, along with Dr. Adisorn Chaikub, Deputy Attorney General and Government Adviser. Chairman of the Football Council of the Thai Seoul Team, Mr. Adisak Benjasiriwan, Vice President of the Football Association, Mr. Suthin Puatom, President of the Thai National Futsal Team, and Air Force Commander, Field Marshal Surasak Maimane, Head of the competition organizing body, handed over the prizes and the official closing ceremony of the competition.

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