The staff group is to meet Minister Somchak to push for salary base adjustment and 56 posts.

Representatives of employee groups and employees of the Ministry of Public Health in the 4 regions are expected to meet with Minister Chomchak this June to ask for fairness and support. Adjustment of salary base – Increase in compensation – Employee benefit – Appoint employees in 56 lines according to current economic conditions.

Since Mr. Somchak Thepsudin, Minister of Public Health many policies have been pushed forward. Both are dealing with drug problems and moving forward to decriminalize marijuana.In particular, the cabinet is being pressured to submit a draft of the Village Health Volunteers Act to the House of Representatives and the Senate to improve the efficiency of village health volunteers and their capacity to assist official staff and nurses at primary public health centers.

Recently, Ms. Abisarathorn Panpahonvet, the representative of the staff group and staff of the Ministry of Public Health in the 4 regions gave an interview to Hfocus. He is expected to meet the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Somchak Thepsudin. Regarding the issue that I want to appeal and propose in June, Dr. Sonnan had written to Shrike in the past with directions to resolve the issue of the group of employees regarding the request, including wanting to help take care of the living expenses of the group of employees working in 56 posts to be in line with the current economy about raising the basic pay. To increase the compensation and benefits of employees and ministry employees (Office of Public Health) requests an increase in compensation. and employees of the Ministry of Personnel Welfare and Public Health (PS) with an increase in the original basic salary of 3,000 baht for the employees of the Ministry of Public Health, receive compensation suitable and commensurate with the current economic situation.

However, if unable to continue as above, 3 – 5 years of service, 20% pay increment 6 – 10 years, 40% pay increment 11 – 15 years, 60% pay increment 16 years Placement – 20 years, working age 80%, pay The increase is 100%.

Note: 1. Calculation of increase from current basic salary and length of service as a temporary employee 2. Remaining 6 months or more of service 3. Calculation of salary increase 3,000 baht.

“Also, we use social security when we take care of our patients' diseases. I want to ask your kindness to take care of us like the village health volunteer group. I also want to have opportunities like the village health volunteer group. Because our group is a grassroots group. Low income workers in the organization. I would like to share with you the matter of placing the group and the 63 group in the black office queue because this group is a professional group that is waiting to be filled.” Mrs. Abhisarathan said.

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